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Full Version: Canada shipping options
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I had a Zero feedback bidder from Canada hit the BIN on a redemption card, total sale $30. 6 days later dude hasn't paid, today I file a NPB, this afternoon he paid. His feedback is now 1 but it was a seller that said NO COMMUNICATION NO PAYMENT.

A little background on the buyer. I saw a post on the HI (Hobby Insider)site & the name looked familiar & sure enough it's him. He's posting about buying a bunch of auto's on the cheap on E-Bay. I post in the thread "Small world, the auto you purchased on the 20th was mine (this was on the 24th), let me know if you don't want it & I'll cancel the auction". Didn't hear a word from him on e-bay nor on the thread. I had 2 people from the site PM'd me saying beware of this guy. They had thier FB dinged by him after he made false claims on E-Bay. They both said he has multiple ID's so he's going to be impossible to fully block.

I want to insure he gets the package & I think USPS International Express mail with signature is my only option, it'll cost over $20 to ship but at least as the seller I'll be protected.

Do I have any other options that you know of to get tracking of the package because that's really all that's required?

Normally I ship stuff to Canada that's under 100$ vial 1st class mail & have had no problems. That's comming to an end quickly because of one bad apple.

I know it's a long winded story but I don't want my 100% fb dinked by a scammer, let me know what you think, please.
Bud can you just refund them then money and be done with it w/o getting fb messed up? I can't see spending $29+ on shipping for a $30 sale personally. I had one on Ebay that went for $130 and I wanted to track to Canada and the Ebay postage estimator was totally wrong as it said I could ship UPS for $18 and get to UPS store and they wanted $70 to track it as they said cheaper way to send there would be no tracking like when you send in US. So had to do the USPS which started at $29.95 and insurance or signature was extra I think. Why I had to think twice about selling to Canad as no economical way to track and they can just say they never got it, but being I'm doing a lot of Hockey cards it really kills you on bids as less bidding so I have included Canada to allowed bidders.
If I refund I'm open to a neg. , bad thing is it's a redemption so no way to track after the sale. That's why I want to ship via a method thats accepted by paypal. I know sig isn't required for under $250 but I don't think I can track otherwise. Plans are to be at the PO early tommorow so I don't hold up the lines & can review options for at least tracking, if I have to spend $30 for the sig. I will, I've worked hard for my perfect feedback.

If he tries any crap after this is done I'm going to go balistic on his XXX. I can't stand liars scammers & thieves, I will not be out done by one, it's been tried before & I've come out on top in every case.
Bud if this is a redemption, is it not yet redeemed and if so can you just send him the code via email?
QUOTE(northicehero99 @ Sep 26 2012, 06:26 PM)
Bud if this is a redemption, is it not yet redeemed and if so can you just send him the code via email?

Thought about that also, but I've seen horror stories on boards with people doing that, then the buyer filing a pay-pal claim. I would love to that way I could track the redemption as panini allows you to look at the status of a redemption without redeeming the card.
cancel the deal
Think I paid 18 something to track a. $100 card to Canada with sign. Just to be safe! I all know is the new custom forms can bite me, after you fill out the form the PO has to type it into the system, took 20 minutes for 4 packages, at $3.13 a piece, plus as of the 22nd, no more stamps on packages, without CF ,will be mailed back to you!
Funny I just got a package from Canada, mailed from Canada in three days, 88 no custom form! Don't get it

Goodluck Bud on that, keep us updated
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