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Full Version: Card Grading - PSA/BGS/others??? Who's best?
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I have about 10 cards that I want to get graded in order to sell them. Beckett is in my backyard and they are having a grading open house at the end of the month, which removes my hesitation to mail the cards. However, I wondered if there is a better company to use, for whatever the reason, that using company A vs. company B and getting the best value out of the cards.

Is there any perception that having a PSA grade is better than Beckett or vice versa. Is there someone else I should be looking at?

Two are MJ rookies and another is the Bird/Irving AS/Johnson 1981 Rookie, so some key cards that I want to make sure get me maximum return.

If Becket is ok, the two Jordans are "pre-graded" by Beckett as 8 and 8.5...should I present them blind or keep them in those sleeves. Would there be any reason for the grades to differ this time around?

Thank you in advance for your opinions.
Mark, I think most people's perception is that Beckett is the best, then PSA, then others like KSA etc. However, I am sure you will get lots of different opinions. My problem with grading is that it is subjective to whomever is grading the card and how do I know the person doing it is an expert. What looks good to one person might be flawed to someone else. I have heard too many stories from people expecting big grades and not getting them and also the opposite I have seen slabbed "mint" 9.0/9.5 cards that have prints spots or other flaws which make me question how they got the grades with those flaws and no notation on the flaw.

As for the two cards already graded, I think leaving them in the encasement leaves a bias torwards what they were previously graded, however taking them out could go either way and you might end up with 7s rather than 9s, so that one is a tough call. Guess it depends on whether you want to risk getting better or worse grades.

I don't get cards graded so I am not an expert so this is just my opinions and experiences. I know redwing40 sent stuff in recently, so you might want to see what his opinion is of Beckett.
personally use beckett.

and yes leave the raw pregrades bagegd and tagged
Beckett definitely.

Though PSA isn't bad either.
Beckett hands down as I use them and have 8 cards graded from them! Goodluck on the grades!
This is one of the better grades I have gotton back.....

user posted image

But one thing to make sure before you send any in, check them with a fine tooth comb, nic's on corners, edge's, surface, borders, look really hard to find anything wrong with them, one little thing will lower the grade, once slabbed, thats it, its marked! Goodluck!
Beckett is better for modern cards (Chromes, RC Autos, etc). PSA is better for vintage stuff up through the early 80s like HOF RCs. SGC is the best for really old pre war stuff. The problem is that you need a yearly membership to submit cards to PSA. At least, I assume you still need one. I had one but let it expire a few years back. BGS should be fine for the cards you have although PSA would be just as good. Personally, I've never liked the idea of Beckett, who produces the price guide that is used as the industry standard, also being a grading company whose graded cards just happen to be valued higher than any other companies graded cards. Just a matter of preference I guess.
Thanks everyone for the input. Really appreciate the insight, and Chad, nice analysis of who you think is better for what cards.
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