Freshed pulled today from a 2012 topps jumbo pack. There is this one place in my home town i go to and hit an auto out of a pack everytime i go there. It is like my favorite place in the world. Got to love it.
List of cards i have got from this one place in the last two months.
2012 Bowman Chrome Eddie Rosario auto refractor to 500
2012 Bowman Chrome Eric Arce auto refractor to 500
2011 Sp Authentic jarvis Jenkins gold auto 06/15 bv 30
2011 Sp Authentic Blaine Gabbett base auto bv 50.00
2011 Sp Authentic Cameron Jordon gold auto 13/15
2011 Sp Authentic Auto patch rookie Shawn Vereen 450/699 20 bv

If you are interested in any of these, i can get a pic.