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Full Version: Explain SA-GE HIT product
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I've looked at their product page over on their website and it doesn't explain much of the product.

Can anyone show me a page that describes everything in the product?

Did anyone open any HIT this year?
Sage usually consists of a base set, parallels, inserts, and autos. Some products have game used, it just depends on the product. I have not opened it for a few years, but it is very similar to Press Pass. A small base set of 50-100 players mostly top players, and then inserts of the same, and generally autos as well.
I've seen references to parallels on box breaks, but no documentation on their website or on any online stores like dacardworld or blowout about what's in the box.

Are there 30 parallels or 3? Do the inserts have parallels? Is there auto versions of the inserts? Does the autos have parallels?

Just seems odd to make a product, but keep your buyers completely in the dark in regards to the detail.
I believe that you have the base set, which has no parallels. Then you have the auto set, which has the unnumbered version, the gold version (#/250), and printing plates of each auto. I think you also have the "write stuff" inserts, which do have an auto parallel as well.

When all else fails, check Beckett online!
there are also gold and silver parallels of the base set
QUOTE(boomersooner24 @ Apr 26 2012, 01:39 PM)
there are also gold and silver parallels of the base set

The gold and silver parallels look like gold and silver dust sprinkled on the cards, at least on the 2010 ones I had.

There are also the "Make Ready" parallels that look like color printings from only one of the printing plates as well and are low numbered to like 50 or 100.

Not sure why SAGE does not provide product info, but maybe that is so when you are disappointed you can't go back to a document and say I was supposed to get "X" out of that box and only got "Y".
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