wtt4 jarred cosart2011 and 2010jonathan singleton fy xrcs/prospects.have astros pros to trade
trying to super collect cosart and singleton..dupes/multi cards encouraged!!

also can use jonathan villar fy prospects/xrcs multis welcomed too.

brian "bogi" bogusevic fy and 2nd year prospects welcomed too bulk welcomed too.

i don't know if we have anything warrenting 2010 j.d. martinez fy prospects xrcs but can use them too.

if you need something and have other recent astros prospects be sure to lmk.

heres the trade list:

astros prospects 1st:

2011 bowman platinum:

purple refs:

jimmy paredes
delino deshields jr


delino jr


delino jr x3

2011 bowman draft prospects jonathan villar

2011 bowman chrome prospects fy xrcs:

fernando abad fy
jack "jb" shuck fy
jacob goebbert fy

2011 bowman chrome draft picks prospects:

brandon culbreth fy

2002 topps chrome traded james barrett

2009 bowman draft picks prospects gold:

telvin nash fy
jonathan meyer fy
dallas keuchel fy

2009 bowman gold fy lou santangelo

2009 bowman chrome prospects:

rene garcia fy
brad dydalewicz fy

2000 bowman chrome tim redding fy xrc

2008 elite eee tj steele xrc

2008 donruss threads xrcs:

aneury rodriguez
jordan schafer


2006 bowman future games jason hirsh rc

2011 topps rcs:

fernando abad
brian bogusevic

2011 topps opening day brian bogusevic

2011 topps chrome rcs:

aneury rodriguez x2
brett wallace x2


2011 topps chrome xfractors brett myers

--texans numbered:

david carr 2003 mystique shinning stars

2004 hogg heaven sloan thomas rc 474/750

2005 classics team colors david carr 260/500

andre johnson #ed:

2009 elite passing the torch w michael irvin hofer 510/999
2004 hogg heaven branded 420/1250

andre non numbered:

2011 toppstown



non astros prospect:

2008 bowman chrome prospects brett pill fy xrc