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Full Version: Should have, could have. But didn't.
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Tell us your about your hobby related story where you could have bought an amazing card, pack or box of cards. But you passed on it and now you regret it that you didn't buy it.

I used to go to a card show in White Planes NY from Boston (200 miles each way) once a year up until 1995-96. A well known dealer The Baseball Card Kid (Mark Murphy) had a 1952 Topps un-opened pack for sale for $1000.00 ! Once in a blue moon I see them for sale now at about $15,000 for one of those packs ! I had a big choice that day. Buy the pack at 1K and have no money for gas or food to get me home or buy the pack. sad.gif
Well now let me tell ya a sad tale.

As a teenager I used to work weekends for Mike and his wife at the first baseball card shop in Quincy IL.

It was called Baseball Cards Etc.

Year was 1980 as I was getting ready to graduate fro High School

Now one particular weekend Mike and his wife are at the nationals in Chi town and Im working

Its Saturday near closing 4PM.

I had gotten paid from Hardees my regular job the day before and had about $400 in my wallet.

A father and his 10 year old son are in the store shooting the crap with me.

In walks a middle aged man Id say 50ish with an old grocery sack stuffed full of cards.

He says. My son went to Vietnam and never came back home (I assumed he died but found out later he met a woman and settled in Japan) . He went onto say that this and another bag out in the car were in his closet and his wife and him had sold the house so he wanted to see if the shop would buy them.

Now mike was very specific. I cannot buy anything that walks in the shop not even for myself. Just tell the customer to come back Tuesday when he got back.

I opened up the sack and on the top were 1961-1964 Topps cards wrapped in a loose fitting rubber band. I picked up a stack and there were cards in numeric order like 200-299!

Im guessing that they were complete sets.

I dug about three stacks down and saw 1958-1957.

He said and I quote, There old , not in mint condition so they probably aint worth much. But sight unseen Id take $100 per bag.

I told him the company line come back Tuesday and Mike would certainly be glad to make him an offer.

He said what about you do you want the. I said I cannot buy them as I work for the shop owner.. blah blah blah.

He picked up the bag and walked out.

Before I could even blink the man and his son were out after him.

I walked to the door and watched as the guy flashed 5 20's and bought both bags for $100.00!

A few years later I ran into that guy again who bought thpse cards.

Complete sets from 1953-1964 including Bowmans and Fleer and some other regional stuff like red man tobacco and red heart dog food!

Honesty is always the best policy but How come I regret not flashing my own pocket money that day.

If I could go back in time for one minute Id have resigned the job to my witnesses and bought those for myself!

Wow ^^^^
I don't have any sad tales like that. Haven't had an instance yet regretting passing up on a potential amazing card.

Now buyer's remorse - that's a different story.
I have passed on a few cards that I wished I would have picked up, but nothing that I thought I could live without. I have never had any of those kind of great deals come my way.
I have plenty of stories of when I should have sold, lol. Like my spa vince carter rc sad.gif
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