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Full Version: UD Delivers - Spirit is Crushed
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Back in August 2010, I was fortunate enough to be the winner of a random in a group break and recipient of: 2010 Exquisite Football Exquisite Rookie Book Marks Y #d to 50. Sweet, it was all the rage. Unfortunately, as we all know the down hill spiral Upper Deck has taken and the issues they have had with redemptions, let alone these redemptions. On top of all that, when I entered the code, it said that it was already redeemed.

Obviously, I begin a dialogue with UD Customer Service. It was the most grueling effort that I can have ever imagined. I involved everyone that I have had contact with at UD (names withheld to protect the innocent). I can say I had close to 50 forms of communication, either via phone or email to try and resolve this issue.

So finally, earlier this month, March 9th to be exact. I received a package from Upper Deck and I was stoked, as they had indicated that they had begun fulfilling these redemptions. I open it up and my heart drops, as I see the letter "Thank you for your recent replacement request"......

This is what I received:

2010 SP Authentic Dexter McCluster 243/499

user posted image


2010 Exquisite Ensemble Signatures DeMaryius Thomas / Mike Williams 24/25

user posted image



Needless to say, I was not happy at all. And needless to say I went off....because most importantly, they showed NO consideration to me as a dedicated collector, who's basic sole collection focuses on their product. Here is an excerpt from my response:

But, I wasn't asked about replacement teams or players. You said you know about "Mr264"...I would have at least told them to find me a stinking SP Authentic 264/xxx, that may have made it a bit better. If the McCluster would have been 264/499, I might have felt that someone actually tried to make things right. But, I get cards that are half the value, minimum and players I could care less about.

Well today, I receive this:

2010 SP Authentic CJ Spiller 264/299

user posted image


Upper Deck redeemed themselves and I have closure to this issue. Unfortunately, I don't have closure to the efforts that I had to go through to make my issue right. I no longer have the spirit to embrace the vastness of our hobby. With the exception of plodding along with the 264 PC and 2011 Sanzenbacher Super PC, I am pretty much done with the hobby.

I will honor the group break clubs that I have currently committed, but I will drop from those the following month as well. The majority of my trade bait bucket and list will be going up for sale or on to ebay. I have thousands of #d inserts and #d rookies to sell too. My completed SPx sets will be for sale, but not so complete, when I take out the 264/s. So look out for coming sale threads or feel free to beat the traffic. I don't have time to put together pricing. So, if you see something of interest, do a little research and feel free to make me a fair offer. If it is fair, most likely it will be yours. Some will be harder to get than others.

Anyways, just a thank you to all the collectors in our hobby.
My friend.

I agree with a lot of what you say and certainly stated it in volumes in my dis-state of the hobby address I made 6 months ago.

But the one thing I didnt do .. I couldnt do was to sell off and out.

I do not think it is wise to sell off what you have created, why you ask?

1. The market hoovers at the moment expect 10-20% value on complete sets

2. Expect base card type prices for GU unless its a ascension star like Jordan gretzky Ruth..

3. Expect next to nothing for rookie autos with Newton , peterson, and a few others the exception.

By Not selling off and out you will have nothing to regret next week, month or year.

Complete sets only gather value in future years like a fine wine slow but sure.

I hope you change your mind, not about buying in the future but about what you've assembled in your past.

BTW Mcluster must be their redemption replacement of choice as I too got one of him.. but that was all I got and I didnt complain as I dont like to waste that much breath! ohmy.gif
QUOTE(road_runner_1964 @ Mar 31 2012, 12:47 PM)
I no longer have the spirit to embrace the vastness of our hobby.  With the exception of plodding along with the 264 PC and 2011 Sanzenbacher Super PC, I am pretty much done with the hobby.

Mr. DePouw,

Those two sentences concern me gravely.

I'll not attempt to discuss this in the thread as
it requires a novel length response.

I'll give you a call. Let me know via PM when
a convenient time is available.

Collect Hard!,
Bob, we have all been pooped on by UD CS. It is the nature of the beast. Yours might be greater than others and any of this is not really acceptable. I am not sure quiting is the answer. In addition, Steve's points are valid, however now might be the best time to sell before this whole hobby collapses completely after he takes Topps down for the "ills of thier ways". I would continue to collect what brings you enjoyment.

I pretty much have quit buying most Panini products, I am building a few of the sets I like, but saving by not buying boxes of worthless crud and my UD purchases have been slimmed to just a few products. My concentration recently has been on completing some older sets and some recent one. I don't build them for anyone but me and my interest is only in the pleasure of completing the acheivement and the joy I get from looking at those cards.
Bob, I'll be glad to send you some vintage football cards. It might help you change your mind about the hobby just a little. I hope. unsure.gif
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