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Full Version: Need help with eBay problem
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Hey everyone been awhile since I posted on here but I really need some help here. I sold a rg3 auto numbered to 88 out of leaf metal to a guy on eBay. He filed a complaint on me saying the card was scratched and dinged. I said I would refund it. So I looked at the pic of the card I have and I don't see any scratches or dings. So I looked and saw he bought another rg3 for $50 less then what he bought mine for the day after I shipped. When asked Bout it he said that he always buys multiples of cards regardless of price. So then I looked and he filed against me at 9:38am on Monday. I got signature confirmation on the card and it said 11:32am On Monday. So after mentioning that too him he said I was stupid and that's not possible. And he moved the claim to eBay support for them to handle. What should I do now?
Can you capture a scan of the other card?

If so, hang onto it.

You are probably out of luck with ebay, as they always side with the buyer. However, if he sends you back a card that was not the one you sent him, you can file mail fraud charges against him. (If the card is individually numbered, that would help you)

I would let him know that you are willing to take the step with the post office. If nothing else, he might decide to keep the card and drop everything.

He has already sent it back. It's in in the mail. It's numbered 88/99. eBay support said there is nothing I can do until I get the card back. I have a picture of the card before I sent it.
Did you have a pic of the number? In case it's a different number, otherwise Ebay usually sides with the buyer most of the time.
I didn't think about taking a pic of the number. So should I just refund his money and be done with it? Or should I try and fight it?
I would fight it and send ebay the USPS time stamp of the receipt and have them compare it with when the claim was filed. They should agree with that, how can you file a claim before the card is in hand??
QUOTE(northicehero99 @ Mar 29 2012, 08:21 PM)
I would fight it and send ebay the USPS time stamp of the receipt and have them compare it with when the claim was filed.  They should agree with that, how can you file a claim before the card is in hand??


I just got my card back today. And guess what No scratches no nothing. Ebay support said I have to wait until the case is closed(Tomorrow). At which point I have to file against him. And they will go after him for fraud and 2 other things(I didn't understand exactly all that she said). But here is the pic of my card.

user posted image
What exactly are you fighting may I ask? He said he was unhappy with the card and you said you would give him a refund. We all know what he did. Its a clear case of buyers remorse but how do you prove it. I'm not sure what ebay can or will do. If you think they will tell you to send the card back and let you keep the money I seriously doubt that will happen. They are certainly not going to let you keep them both so they will probably make you give him the refund. At best you might have ammunition to use to get the negative removed if he leaves you one. He may also get a strike against him but I doubt it. Oh, and you might be able to get the SNAD removed. If that is what you meant by fighting it I understand now, Duh, Sometimes I don't think straight. I think you should just consider yourself lucky to get the same card back and not a damaged one that he might have switched it out for.
Glad that you got your card back. Still this bidder should be punished somehow by Ebay for false claims. The issue in my mind was that the buyer got a better deal and just wanted out of his deal with you. I hope ebay at least tells you to only refund the card sell price and not postage. He should have to eat that for the false claim.
I already refunded the money. And I don't care about that. This is what he left for feedback.

seller lacks integrity, lies, and makes threats, don't trust or purchase from.

When I read that it pisses me off. He said the card was scratched and had a dent in it. There is nothing wrong with the card at all. I have never had a problem with a buyer or seller before on Ebay. Guess I was lucky there. But he said the card was not as promised and I should have divulged that there was scratches. The scan I posted on here was done today. All I want is the negative feedback taken off and him punished in someway.
My threat to him was that if my card came back without scratches that I would file a complaint against him.
SO I just got off the phone with Ebay. After doing everything they told me to do since Friday they told there was nothing I could do since I voluntarily refunded the money(I only did that because they told me to). 5 days in a row I called them and I got 7 people who told me 7 different things. But they told me since I voluntarily refunded the money I couldn't appeal. I told them I didn't care about the money but I was mad because you keep telling me something different. I knew I wouldn't win the case because they never favor the seller but now I don't even get the opportunity to show my side because one of the people I talked to didn't write down what they told me in their sidenotes.
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