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Full Version: Weigh in please! Point of views as buyer AND selle
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Presented is the following true purchase/sale:

Pictures from listing (blownup to see what scan looked liked). Listing mentions no condition or damage.

Buyer pays shipping and received

Close up in listing:
user posted image
Actual card when taken with a camera:
user posted image

user posted image
user posted image

user posted image
user posted image

user posted image
user posted image
Buyer informs seller of damage and request to keep cards and a partial refund. Seller says "We offer Full refund only and your return postage. No partial refunds given."

As a buyer is that acceptable? Or should he be happy and just keep the cards since he wants them badly.

As a seller, is there anything more he needs to do than what was offered?

There is no feedback system for buyer or seller.

Please both sides discuss and how you would feel/procced.
I never agreed with buyers having to pay for returns of damaged cards. Sometimes a reputation is worth more then a few dollars. The buyer asked for partial return. I would oblige.
I'd return them for the refund. Seller must've known they had some of those creases.
Those creases are visible in the listing photos, just taken at a different angle so they did not stand out as much.

If I was the buyer, I would probably return the cards for the full refund.

If I was the seller and the buyer requested a partial refund, i would probably oblige, since I have no other way of re-selling those cards, assuming that the buyer proves they have creases via photo.
Seller gives partial refund and buyer keeps the card. In my mind, buyer would not have paid as much or have even been interested should the full extent of damage had been made clear.

However, this very issue is what I was chastised for by many people here. When I was the buyer of a few dinged up high end cards from ebay where the pictures and description said nothing of any kind of damage or flaws. Funny to see how people now agree that buyer should be partial and keep the card... which is what I argued for a few months ago.
To me it's up to what the buyer wants to do, if they wanted a partial refund that would be in best interest of seller. Only wanting to give total refund makes no sense. If buyer feels damage is too much then should be able to get a full refund, and I agree with above it stinks to have to pay money to return something because nothing was noted about card condition especially that extreme, that or they shipped incorrectly and it enhanced the damage.
I don't like the idea of giving partial refunds so I understand the sellers policy and if they stick to their guns that's fine by me. I understand why people would say give him the partial refund and let him keep the card because the card will be in less demand with the damage but if its a low # and for a PC you might be surprised. I'd want it back and try to re sell it.

I would think getting all your money back would be acceptable to the buyer. They may want the card but obviously they don't want it as badly if it is damaged. I don't think the buyer should keep the card for the price he paid if he is not happy with the condition. He is entitled to some sort of refund. He is only being offered a full refund so that's what he should take if he doesn't want the card in its condition.

It sounds to me like the buyer won't have to pay return postage. "We offer Full refund only and your return postage." sounds to me like the postage will be refunded as well.

It looks to me like the seller knew the card was damaged. Why else would he have bothered to show close ups of those exact areas? He may have took the pictures in a particular way to minimize the severity of the damage and by not mentioning it it certainly looks suspicious but its hard to believe he was not aware of it. IMO all damage should be noted in the description even with a photo. Not mentioning it might indicate that the seller is trying to slip something past someone.

The buyer either didn't realize there was damage or was not expecting the damage to be as bad as it was (perhaps the damage was made worse in shipping.) It's hard to say really. I mean common sense might say just give the guy a few bucks back and be done with it but look at it from this perspective. Everyone assumes that everybody else wants their cards in mint condition to be the most valuable. That's not always the case. If it for a PC some people would prefer a less than perfect item at a reduced cost, perhaps even a greatly reduced cost, than a perfect item at a higher cost.

From a buyer standpoint I could understand asking for a partial refund. I want the card but if I had known the damage was this bad I would not have paid as much as I did. I'd pay this much so give me the rest back. Makes sense to me, but if all I was offered was a full refund and I didn't want the card in its current condition for the price I paid I would take the full refund and be happy that the seller didn't say "I posted pictures of the damaged areas so you knew what was wrong with it, its not my fault your eyes are bad. Tough luck, you are stuck with it now."

From a seller standpoint would I want one buyer to dictate the final price I get for the card? Even with damage it has value. The buyer says he will give me this much, maybe someone will give me more. Send me the card back, I'll give you all your money back that you are out and I'll try to sell the card again.

One thing I would look for if the card does go on the market again is if the seller use new pictures and changes the description. If not I'd definitely stay away from him in the future. I'm not saying he is or was trying to scam anyone since he is offering a full refund but his listing practices are a bit questionable to me.

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