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Full Version: Alternative Investment: New Site Focuses
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There are plenty of stories about someone who finds a rare vintage baseball card in the attic and turns that find into a small fortune. The truth is, however, that every old baseball card is valuable. Scarcity, condition other factors all contribute to answering the popular question, “What’s it Worth?” Collecting for the fun of it is still the best way to navigate the world of sports memorabilia, but for those thinking of buying more expensive cards for their collection--and perhaps as an alternative investment--there is a new website that aims to help collectors make wise decisions.

Baseball Card Investment offers tips for buying vintage cards, and with a certain level of sophistication necessary for showing growth as time goes on. The site offers information, collecting tips and the history of collecting baseball cards--all designed to help you understand why some players’ cards and certain eras and sets have always been ‘blue chips'

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Sports Collectors Daily
At least it leaves me out. I can barely afford pre-war cards in good condition any way.
Interesting. If I was "investing" that would probably be the route I would go, at least there would be return on buying those items. Not sure it can be any worse than the stock markets right now. laugh.gif
If I hit the lottery, like the lady from RI did for $336 million. I might try do it.

AOL news had this about the stock market.

"Dow Has Highest End Of Day Close Since 2007"
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