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How long have many people on the board been collecting seriously and how much has your collecting focuses changed over time? Like what you collect and why you collect it? What got you started into collecting cards over other collectible items like comics and that stuff?
19th Century Indiana Jones

1992 to 1999: (total hodgepodge, card = gold!)

FB (1992-95,98-99)
- any Bengals cards I could get my hands on
- hodgepodge of 49ers, Cowboys, Falcons
- Deion Sanders
- RCs

BK (1992-96)
- rookie chase cards (any)
- Shaq, Sprewell, Miner
- Michael Jordan (inserts and base)
- Kobe RCs and inserts
- Garnett RCs and inserts

BB (1992-95,98-99)
- haphazard accumulation of RCs
- dabbling: Ken Griffey Jr, Nomomania, Big Hurt
- some vintage: 1965 Murakami, 1962 Maris (because of ST:TNG)
- Sammy Sosa XRCs

Comics (dabble)
- Spiderman
- Alien vs Predator
- Batman vs Predator
- Superman vs Alien

Jan 2000 to Feb 2005 took a break. I found out the hard way that cards DO NOT equal gold. I missed the AU/GU card revolution.

2005 to Dec 2007: (a little more focused)

- prewar tobacco cards (St.Louis Cardinals, complete team set)
- harpooned White Whale: 1887 A&G N28 King Kelly (it ain't Topps!)
- Ichiro (HOF-type collection) (need 1 more item to complete) *active*
- St. Louis Cardinals (just a dabble)
- 1977 Yankees/Reggie Jackson WS Tribute collection (complete)
- Johan Santana (incomplete 2004 LCM rainbow)
- some autographed baseballs (Santana, Matsui, Clemens)
- attempt at becoming Swackhamer supercollector (got bored and gave up)

- Bengals team sets (1982 and up) *somewhat active*
- Bengals patch cards
- Jim Breech (all-time Bengals scoring leader - I gave up after Shayne Graham broke his record)
- Demeco Ryans (gave up rainbow when I found out Beckett member has the 1/1)

- Michael Jordan (simple: 1 autograph, 1 RC) (complete)

Jan 2008 to 2010 August: ("on card")

BB (T206 portraits)
- New York Highlanders (complete)
- Chicago Cubs (complete)
- thinking about Southern League portraits

FB (obsession with on-card autographs)
- Ted Ginn Jr (supercollection attempt, no longer active)
- Colt Brennan (no longer active)
- Dan LeFevour (no longer active)
- "investment experiment" (Cassel, Fitzpatrick)
- Darrelle Revis rainbow (complete)
- 1 Eli Manning AU (mission complete)

2010 September to present: (my collection/my rules)

- back to Bengals (specifically Jordan Shipley, not supercollecting, but enough that no one else can be; mission accomplished - nabbed four 1/1s, 3 of them are superfractors)
- Oregon Ducks (I'm after that liquid metal helmet)

- T206 originals (the new T206 book I acquired will help me figure it out)

2004-2009, Nov 2011 til now. Both times I collect the only things worth collecting, Hurricanes and Dolphins cards lol laugh.gif
Well I started in 05 and than got tired of itandstopped in 07
And thosedaysi collect just braves... Thank started back up not even six months ago and now all I collect is football. No baseball. When I started up I had maybe like 5 gu and autos now I beleieve I have well around 75
I've been collecting since around 1994. My cards all came from retail (I was 7 then), mainly from a small convenience store/gas station called The Pantry. My mom, aunt, and I would stop there for chicken and potato wedges. They spoiled me with cards (cards from there, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Wal-Mart).

I kept every rookie card and star base/insert in binders. Many of my early pulls are still in those (or different) binders in a foot locker. Currently, I have around 10 binders full of base, inserts, rookies, etc in two different footlockers. Most of my better rookies have since been transferred to toploaders.

My collection was much more organized then than it is now. My star base and inserts were categorized alphabetically; now, much of my base is thrown away after it is pulled. I have cards in desk drawers, sitting on my desk, etc. I wish I had the knack for organization from my childhood.

I've had bouts were I stopped collecting for a bit. After my brain surgery in 2005 I found, which led to Trading Card Central and a renewed interest in collecting. Until finding TCC, my collecting only went as far as keeping the good cards that I pulled (apart from the occasional trades with my nephews in the mid-90s; unfortunately, they later left the hobby). Now, I am a player collect and team collector. I still keep my rookie collection going; I keep most rookies.
started collecting cards in the mid 80's but was too young to realize what i had.
kept some 80's stuff and then got hard into the comics in the late 80's--spidey/darknight/xmen and all that.
held on to some of the comics and got back into cards in the early 90's and have been in and out from then on.

it's just a hobby so when i have time and the itch---- biggrin.gif

collection now consists of every thing---pins /pictures/comics cards/books/figures/old money/hats--you name it.---i think i might have a problem-- laugh.gif

--at least the first step is addmitting you have a problem- biggrin.gif

I started in 1969 after getting a glimpse of my
older cousin Tony's collection. I have never stopped

I only collect Baseball simply due to the fact that I love the
game and its history. I only collect sets which puts me
in a very small minority of collectors.

The hobby still brings me the joy that I felt as a ten year
old opening packs.

Collect Hard!,
I started Collecting in 1991 When Shaq was playing for LSU. I really Liked him and I devote my collecting around him. My focus has changed in the last 7 years to collecting shaq, D-Wade, Reggie Miler, and WVU Players based on my WIFE. She is the Love of my life and she enjoys collecting with me. My goal is to collect every shaq card made. Now I know that this is Mostly impossible but isnt that part of the fun?

When i 1st really started back in about 1994 i kept everything i pulled. I also dabbled in ...
Comics (still have them)
Non Sports cards- Marvel mainly.
Lakers Cards

Then in 1997 I really started on my Dolphins PC. I started keeping everything i had w/ a dolphins Logo on it. This was the start of my Dolphins lets say obsession.
I gave up basketball.

In about the early 2000 i started collecting Hockey as well as all my football. Hording pretty much everything i got for football.
I then slowed down my collecting.
In 2001 i got into the online trading seen and never looked back.

In about 2004 i really started my PSU PC. Keeping all PSU cards and mainly in college uni.

When i meet my wife i started to keep all my redsox cards as well. I also started to spend a lot LESS on cards as i had now to really grow up and look at other things.

In 2008 i started to really change my focus as i was gettin bored. I got into doing TTM'ing and I gave myself a what is becoming a lifelong project in trying to get at least 1 of every auto of any player to have played at least 1 down for the Dolphins.
Then in 2011 late i stared getting into full gameused items and that is where i am now.
I Collect only my Dolphins and GU'ed items. Still dabble in PSU as well but not nearly as much as i once did.

That in a nutshell is me and my collecting.
I started collecting in 1986 when I was 11 and lived in Denver,Co. Unfortunately I bought all baseball then and not basketball!! I collected very hard thru high school. Went to the Navy and took a couple years off. Started back up in the late 90s and collected all the diff sports cards. The only player I collected was Barry Sanders and have a huge collection of his. I do mostly non-sports now as it seems sports cards hold no value. The last few years I just rip packs and sell what I pull online. Kind of like the lottery for me LOL..
Ive collected cards ever since I can remember but didnt really get into trading and online communities until 2008 when I was 16 and had my first job. I went from collecting anything and everything to chicago teams and the yankees, and donruss classics from 2008-2010. I was gone from the hobby from last April until a few days ago and am glad to be back here!
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