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Full Version: Open Checklist 2.0?
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I remember when I was new to TCC that Bob also ran, but that site also remained largely ignored and lacked updates for new products, so I was surprised to get an email today from them informing me that a new beta of the site is coming. Which made me wonder, and I figure someone on this site knows the answer, is Bob still active working on Open Checklist and making this update, or have other people taken the reigns like what has happened on this site during Bob's lengthy absence?
No, nerk01 was one of the programmers working on OC. He's also the one who owns the OpenChecklist.NET domain where the new OC is being opened.
OpenChecklist is now run by me. I signed on back in 2008 to help Bob with the website. After Bob had to refocus his life we had some trouble with the webhost where OpenChecklist ran. I didn't have authority with the webhost, so without Bob it was dead in the water.

Well I had invested multiple years in putting my inventory onto the OpenChecklist system and I wasn't about to see that wasted. About Nov 2010 I decided to take the system and run smile.gif

I spent a couple months getting some new content loaded. After that I realized that the code was getting very old and trying to program new features would take too much time.

So in October 2011 I started re-writing OpenChecklist from scratch, trying to replicate all the existing features. Now we've re-launched and even managed to add a couple features.

I hope you continue to use OpenChecklist for your inventory management needs!

- Jon
Great news, Jon.

It is a very valuable tool. I'll be spending some
hours updating my collections.

Thanks for the update and the commitment to

Collect Hard!,
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