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Full Version: What Are Your New Years Resolutions, Hobby-wise
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So, what is everyone's 2012 goals for their PC's? Here are mine:

1-Concentrate On Vintage Yankee and Jets Topps Sets

I pretty much have complete sets from 1973 on to present day (although I think im not complete with 1980 Topps). I would like to get complete Topps sets for 70', 71, and 72. The hard thing about completing a Topps base set pre 70's is you have players like Ford, Berra, Maris and especially Mantle that will cost a pretty penny. I'm probably going to have to buy these team sets in lots on ebay and fill in the more expensive holes later. The 1971 Munson rookie is no cheapie either.

Same with the Jets. Any team set that has Namath in it will be a tough set to put together, due to what a nice condition Namath goes for.

I will also start a Topps Knicks collections as well this year.

2-Finish Moving My Cards Into Monster Boxes

I am nowhere near done with Topps. I am into the 2000's and ran out of toploaders and penny sleeves. After the Topps base, I plan on moving the Topps sets like A&G, Turkey Red, Heritage, etc into boxes before moving on to Upper Deck. If I can have all Topps moved before the start of the season, I will be a happy Mikey.

3-Autographs, Autographs, Autographs

One of my favorite things to collect, I have kinda shyed away from autographing as I concentrated on other intrests, but the bug bit me again and I want to fill some holes in my Yankee collection. Would love to get an Arod in the collection. I also want to restart the signed Yankees baseball collection. I desperately need Yogi, Tino and Teixiera on balls. Baseballs have become way to expensive for me. I don't want to spend 18 dollars on a ball to send to someone like a Steve Hamilton or send out and never get back like what happened with Rivera and O'Neill. Someone on youtube suggested using the ROMLB's you can get in bags for about 20 bucks for a dozen. Claims as long as you use the Bic Crystal pens, you should be fine. He also claims he has signed balls for about 3 years and they still look pristine. I just think back to that team signed 2003 Brooklyn Cyclones ball I worked hard on and all the signatures faded on that New York Penn League Ball.

I also want to add to my 500 goal scorers signed puck collection. I know Temu Selane signs, so I need to get a put to him. I'm also gonna try Jager at some point as well.

Jets-wise, send cards TTM and try to build on my signed mini helmet collection

Knicks, same as the Jets, TTM wise that is.

4-Add More To My Bossy/Teixeira/Tino PC's

Again, this is another area of my collection that I pretty much ignored in 2011. The prices on Tex's auto's kinda scared me off and Tino's auto is also escalating. With my Brodeur and Ewing PC's, I have been concentrating on inserts in lieu of autos, so that might be a way to go. Also, I will not rest until I have a game used bat from both.

I haven't added much to my Bossy PC as well. If it wasn't for the generosity of Cool Hand Flash, I would have not added a thing to it this past year. That will change as well.

5-Get A Curio Cabinet To Display My Collections

I have been wanting something to show off my Yankee bobbles, auto's, McFarlanes, etc in. I have seen other people's mancaves and a lot have cabinets that show off the goodies and I would love to get something like that.

I would like to get seperate cabinets, one for each of my teams. My Jets collection is starting to grow. My Knicks and Devils aren't as quickly as I'd like, but empty shelves will make me want to fill them.

If there's room, shelves for my Player PC's are another thing I'm thinking of.


Slowed down on the bobblehead this past year due to $$$ and lack of space. Seen a couple that I want, like the commerative bobbles put out by Forever for Jeter's 3000nd hit and Mariano's All Time Save record, so I want to puck those up. I also want to complete the 2009 World Series Bobblehead collection. All I have is Teixeira.

I really want to build my Knicks bobblehead collection. All I have is an Allan Houston SGA bobble. I need the Fraizer and Stoudmire SGA bobbles. I also seen a few Forever bobbles I want as well.

Same with my Jets. Too few bobbles. Need to pick up their SGA bobbles this year.


I have a bunch of 8x10's and other posters I'd like to get framed and hung up. I have seen what a lot of these look like all framed up and I drool at other peoples collections. Time to get my stuff framed.

That's pretty much my goals for this year. I know I won't accomplish them all, but if I can complete a good chunk of it, it would have been a great year for me.

My main focus for this year is to get as many of the older New York Giants certified autos that I can. I have a Kyle Rote cut auto on its way and am watching a couple of Rosey Brown and Frank Giffords right now. I am also going to try to do the same with my Detroit Tigers PC, but like you stated a few of those are gonna be costly (Cobb & Newhouser for example). And the last thing I want to do is build a HOF/Future HOF QB auto collection. I already have a couple HOF'ers and a few that will probably be in the HOF when their time comes (Brady, P. Manning, Rivers, & E. Manning)
Two words..

1: Ultimate

2: Collection

19th Century Indiana Jones
I gotta get me one of those Oregon Rose Bowl Liquid Metal helmets!
my focus is to bulk up the bucs pc
had a good start in 2011
also running box breaks on here
QUOTE(Cool_Hand_Flash @ Jan 5 2012, 08:00 PM)
Two words..

1: Ultimate

2: Collection


Actually, the above and Im looking forward to starting my Andrew Luck PC for real smile.gif
For me will be this. ....

1) List my complete Trade List
2) Super Collect Every Darren Helm RC card this year
3) Start Building Sets of the cards I have, that will take years, lol!
4) A big, big maybe, Collecting Lions Football cards, like to pick up a few nice ones
1) Fill an entire three-row shoebox with a player/team PC: I just want to fill an entire shoebox with cards of one team/player from any sport, it would look really cool and I love seeing a group of cards in a shoebox for some odd reason. Great goal for me.

2) Make my bedroom a Michigan bedroom: I want to get a glass card case to showcase all of my higher value cards and put them in a case. I'd also like to hang up lots of pictures in my room like yankees and wolverines.

3) Do at least one Jersey, Patch, or Auto set: Always wanted to do a set, but I haven't had the money to do it, or I can't concentrate on the set and just buy other cards. Want to get a set done that isn't just base or inserts.
QUOTE(boomersooner24 @ Jan 5 2012, 02:40 PM)
my focus is to bulk up the bucs pc
had a good start in 2011
also running box breaks on here

also want to bulk up the sooners pc smile.gif
Never really set goals for collecting other than trying to finish sets before they become too old and forgotten. laugh.gif

It is always a good idea to set goals. I think my goal for this year already started when I decided to minimize what I purchase and focus on only a few select sets that I enjoy building. Have been gradually doing this every year, but this year I am really going to try to stick to only doing 3-5 sets instead of 10-20 with most only being partially completed. Last year I got suckered into buying every new Donruss product thinking it would be different. This year I am going to be picky about what I open and try to build.
Hit 2000 unique Bagwell items/cards. Sitting around 1500 at the moment.
Discover who is hiding all the 2011 Brandon Harris 1/1's I've yet to see one ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!
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