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Full Version: Ever happened to you???
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Hello, I got a Medium Priority Mail Box of cards up for sale on eBay.... I got this message today:

Dear bulldogbaseballcardbuyer,

If I bid and win this lot will you give me $0.95 off of the shipping? Please

- soelman1

That is all the explanation he gave me.... All I am charging is $10.95 to ship it in the first place, not really much over the shipping cost for the box any way. I was just wondering if something like this has ever happened to any of you guys.
Here was his answer.....

Dear bulldogbaseballcardbuyer,

I don't know if I will have enough in my paypal to pay. Just let me know. If not, I will not be able to bid. Thanks
He needs the 95 cents for food. tongue.gif
I would ignore him or block him from bidding on any of your auctions. It's not worth the problems he may be.
Some people have very limited funds, and he might just have $10 left, and want your lot badly. I know the feeling, on checkoutmycards, I had around $1.80 left and the two cards I needed were a combined $1.83 or something like that, so, I made an offer of 5 cents lower and got both cards tongue.gif

Im guessing its the same thing here smile.gif
Well, now the lot is over $15 so I don't know if he'll be able to buy it. I will probably work with him.
I would work with someone who at least had the courage to ask, if you have the room to do it. If 10.95 is what it will cost you with fees and actual postage, then I would just tell him that and show him your USPS costs.
Oddly enough, I got the same type of messages from the exact same buyer. He must send these out in bulk and not really pay attention to replies unless he gets a positive result since he asked me the same question on similar items within a couple days, ignoring the answer both times.

Honestly, he's probably just trying to find a way to save on costs in some way, shape or form. I guess I can't blame him, but I'm not going to kick the guy back money just because he wins.
Thanks Sam... I will keep an eye out for this guy and since he does that will not give him any kickbacks.
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