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Full Version: Anybody got $20,000?
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I was looking through Cam Newton stuff on eBay and came across this.......

I love the subtitle: "Just in Time for Christmas!" Yes, its a great card but I just have to wonder who is going to spend TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS on a football card for Christmas in this economy when you can buy a whole Toys R Us store with that money for your kids....not to mention a nice car!

But still, it IS a sick card to have. Just imagine pulling that from a pack. I think I would faint...... laugh.gif
Honestly, that looks fake as heck.. but, theres some crazy patches out there so you never know, plus why tamper with a 1/1 right?.. and it seems like he prefers to keep it, but if someone is dumb enough to spend that much, he'd sell it..
I bet it's got bits of real panther in it..... Stings the nostrils...
Thats a total waste of money unless your a millionaire dry.gif , I can see maybe it getting 1,000-2,000 but 20,000? Dang, thats ridiculous rolleyes.gif
Even a $1,000 would be too much for an event-worn photo shoot patch auto like that. That is crazy, maybe someone who doesn't know better will kick up the cash.
notice it has no

'I believe it is authentic but still a rookie QB?
19th Century Indiana Jones
Jeez. I spent less than that on my new car.
I feel like I saw the Cam superfractor patch auto out of platinum sell for like $2500 when it first came out then resold for like 3400 maybe. I felt that was too high but it could be a measuring stick for this card. $20000? Really? Thats absurd.
i noticed on the back of the card it just says "refractor". Shouldnt it say "superfractor" on the back if its a 1/1?
maybe i am blind...but I don't see 1/1 on it...though I am sure that would add to the value since then it is # to his jersey # too!
QUOTE(beanschat @ Dec 15 2011, 08:25 PM)
maybe i am blind...but I don't see 1/1 on it...though I am sure that would add to the value since then it is # to his jersey # too!

The 1/1 is very hard to see. It is right above the signature. I couldn't see it either until I looked at another card and saw where it was located. Looks legit to me (not sure about the refractor/superfractor thing that you mentioned chargersfan) but its still way too much money and the photos are terrible if the guy wants someone to drop that kind of cash.
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