WEBWIRE Ė Monday, December 05, 2011

WhatSellsBest.com, a website tracking top items selling on eBay, has recently added a new Top 10 list for keeping tabs on rare Baseball Cards selling on eBay.

The list so far has; a Babe Ruth Rookie card from 1915 which fetched $28,000; a vintage 1954 (mint) Henry íHankí Aaron card sold for $12,101; and a rare 2010 Strasburg Superfractor Card fetched $25,000. The top baseball card so far, has sold for $40,760.

According to James Massey the sites publisher; "Rare Baseball Cards generally fetch the highest prices in the trading card category, because baseball has so many avid collectors compared to other sports"

Massey added; "The list is not an all-time list for the top sold prices ever. Itís more of a representation of highest sold prices over years Iíve been following"

"Iíd like to be able to post an all-time top price list for eBay, but there just isnít enough data available to insure that list would be accurate"

To see the complete Top (10) Baseball Card Values selling on eBay, the Card that sold for $40k, and find your Baseball Card values, visit: WhatSellsBest.com or see the links below.

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