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Does anyone regularly use COMC (

I've heard of it before, but never took the time to....check it out. Today, after a post on another forum, I finally looked it up.

It looks like a great alternative to eBay, especially for someone like me who doesn't have an active PayPal account (I have one, but rarely use it). Simply purchase store credit, buy cards, and choose to have them shipped whenever you wish.

I use them monthly. Id never buy on ebay before checking the price on checkoutmycards, prices are often lower on there.. just picked up a card at $10 less than any seller on ebay.. and the savings on shipping are huge too.. awesome site smile.gif
Your right Mark, a friend of mine in the military has it, not bad, I have an account there, hate the fact that they charge you for proper shipping, but sometimes you can get half off cards listed, look up Dogmans profile Mark, got some nice Wings kicking! wink.gif
I buy off it from time to time....especially 264s..... tongue.gif
I use it just for current OPG pricing.
I have used it a few times, there are some really good deals and there are things that you can get cheaper here or on eBay, you just have to check them all out first before you make a purchase!
I buy there occasionally..use it to find BVs....and have slowly been building a box to ship to them to try selling as well...definately save on S/H vs Ebay...and a HUGE selection!
I use COMC all the time now. I sent a sample box of 100 cards with their 4 week processing, and it was well worth it. I find lower end cards sell a ton quicker on there then higher end, but it's a good tool. Especially when you get the bidding wars, where everyone's trying to put their cards just that much cheaper then the next guy. I've bought a ton of PC autos off there for less then $1 a piece. Plus, the ability to make offers, set your own'll get addicted.
Heard of it before but hadn't ever checked it out. Just got done perusing and find myself $112 lighter in the pocketr but picked up another 30 Frye's and 10 Hardesty's for my PC!
See? Warned you!
I have been selling for 2 yrs on COMC now along with a friend we each have an acct

mine is


I put in 80.00 to fund my 1st shipment of cards and since then have not added any cash out of pocket. I have bough tons of cards for My PC or just to flip . Also sold my port a few times and just keep adding to it. I have another 500 cards that go live in mid May .
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