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Full Version: Would you consider this a steal
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So, for those of you who saw my lot I bought a couple of weeks ago...this is a follow up...

I had a "sale" yesterday, just posted it on Craigslist and sold 2 800 count boxes of my 3 cent cards for $32 (I had advertised they could fill an 800 count box for $16 and) and had tons left over from my pickup from a couple of weeks ago that I had bought for $80, and I hadn't sold any of the "good" cards.

So, I saw another lot for $50 on Craigslist. There were a lot of cards...maybe 5-8000 cards. Fair enough price, but looking through, I found very few stars, no inserts or parallels, and worst of all...alot of late 80s to early 90s....a few 2002-2004, and even some 70s and 80s vintage, but I couldn't bring myself to spend $50 on it. I flipped through a little bit more and did see an interesting "game used" card....A Ronald Reagen seat card from Topps. I'm not big into seat cards, but thought it had potential....but I also knew that the lot would likely not hold much else...I offered $30 figuring I was getting a tupperware tub, a binder and pages, some hard card holders..he took it.

I have gone through most of it now..and will give some highlights...

2004 Topps Presidential First Pitch Ronald Reagen seat card BV $60!! (sweet)
1958 Topps Hank Bauer (not in the best shape...but 50 years...decent shape at least!)
7 other baseball cards from 1958-1960
1972 Topps Football League Leaders with Staubach
3 full pages of 1993 McDonalds Gameday cards (the full set)
Several food issue cards (Post, Cap'n Crunch, etc)
proabably 100 football cards from early 80s...a couple with Dorsett on them
RCs of Biggio, Chipper, Sosa
2004 2nd series stars
2002 2nd series RCs (mostly commons)
Collectibooks including Jordan and Griffey
a stack of those 1977-1978 Editions info cards

will post if I find anymore things of interest..

not bad considering I was able to buy it with the money from 2 800 box commons and minor stars!
Oooh.. sounds interesting.. What did you get? smile.gif

EDIT: And I asked right when you posted laugh.gif

Sweet! BV on the Reagan makes the whole thing worthwhile.. cool!
Still digging through this lot...going through a second time...tonights finds include:

1971 Topps Lance Alworth
1987 Topps Steve Young
2 more complete sets of those McDonald's 1983 Game Day cards
more minor RCs..Sosa, Biggio, Conor Jackson, Carlos Quentin
2005 Topps Cracker Jack mini or Adam Dunn and a legend Ernie Banks...

That's the nice thing about lots like this...I've probably spent 10 hours going through this...and have found a few nice things...$30 at the hobby shop, I would be done in an hour.
beanschat the final things I will add to this I believe include the following:

42 Sports Illustrated for Kids cards..figured these wouldn't be worth much, but looks like commons are about 50 cents each...have stars like Gretzky, Griffey, Ripken, Aikman, Magic, and others

90+ 1992 Olympic Hopefuls. These seems to book anywhere from .25 to $2 and include De La Hoya, Courrier, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Patrick Ewing, Malone, and the baseball team.

Supplies broke down to the following:

1 binder
100+ sheets
50+ hard card holders
4 baseball holders
about 200 soft sleeves
1995 Tombstone Quarterbacks Challenge Set
1993 & 1994 Post Baseball complete sets

I think for $30, with all of the stuff I have listed in this thread..I have done pretty well..

I think for $30
a stack of those 1977-1978 Editions info cards

I finally figured out that these were referred to as Sportscasters. There were 71 one of them in this lot...I have seen some of them listed on Ebay for anywhere from $2 - $15 bucks each..some of them have sold as well...this might keep getting better...
Nice pickup on the lot. Congrats!
This got even better today...put the Reagan card on spiked in the final minute to $22.49 + $2.50 S/H. Seems everything else I got I paid $10 for???
Nice to recoup almost your whole investment in the one card. I bet its a ton of fun going through these lots.
I seems you have an eye for nice lots like these on craigslist. This would be pretty cool to do.
Just stay out of my territory Dylan! biggrin.gif You can have everything East of Grinnell! Actually, there was a lot in New Sharon that I was interested in...just didn't have the cash right now for another purchase..It doesn't take much of an eye, when your average purchase price is under a penny..there is little risk and the person is usually selling just to get rid of them
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