Greetings to all! Looking for the following 1992 Traks cards/sets:

1992 Traks Prototypes-wanting sealed card, either the sealed single card (R. Petty, D. Waltrip) or sealed promo pack (R. Petty, R. Wallace, H. Gant, D. Waltrip). The promo packs come with a R. Petty (Neck and Neck, The Gang's All Here) cover card.

1992 Traks Base set-wanting cards 69B-K. Petty green stripe under name on back, 113A-J. Johnson, 173A-E. Dickerson and 179A-R. Wallace all with Name on back in white letters.

1992 Traks Autographs-wanting signed and unsigned/error cards.

1992 Traks Baby Ruth J. Gordon-wanting a sealed autograph set.

1992 Traks Kodak E. Irvan-wanting a sealed set.

1992 Traks Mom-N-Pops Ham D. Earnhardt-wanting a complete sealed set.

1992 Traks Preferred Collectors-wanting a sealed set.

1992 Traks binders-Base Set, Team Set, Preferred Collectors and Racing Machines sealed binders.