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By Boxing Watchers on Jul 27, 2011
By Nick Tylwalk

Boxing trading cards haven't made too much of a splash in the 21st Century (or for the last few decades of the previous one, to be honest), but I can tell you that being on hand at the National Sports Collectors Convention last summer, the 2010 debut of the Ringside Boxing set went over pretty well.

Now the company behind those cards, Creative Cardboard Concepts, is set to drop a follow-up series on August 3. Aptly called Ringside Boxing Round 2, this set looks a little leaner and meaner but still has all of the cool features we saw the first time around.

The base set (basically the "regular" cards for you non-collectors out there) consists of 100 cards featuring boxers past and present. The mix is an interesting one just like last year, ranging from active guys like Tomasz Adamek, Glen Johnson and Antonio Tarver to relatively recent retirees like Ricky Hatton and Joe Calzaghe to names from the sport's more distant past. Several subsets focus on things like weigh-ins and the Tale of the Tape from specific fights.

The real interest in Ringisde Boxing, though, comes from its extensive checklist of autographs and memorabilia cards (which contain small pieces of gear actually worn by boxers in their fights). Autograph signers for Round 2 include Roberto Duran, Evander Holyfield and Shane Mosley. The Cut Signature cards are the real head-turners, as they show off signatures cut from other kinds of documents from the likes of Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Sonny Liston and Sugar Ray Robinson. These cards are limited to just a single copy each and usually end up going for big money on the secondary market.

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My problem with this years release compared to last years is that with a case purchase I won't get a 1/4 of the base set. I am a huge boxing fan especially the boys who I grew Up with, foreman, frazier, ali. I paid big money for ringside part 1 and would do it again except...

Base wise I only get 24 /100 assuming no duplicates sad.gif Last year in a 10 box case I got the entire base set all 100 cards and maybe 24 or so turkey red inserts

While I find this a very enticing hit wise it lacks the Hitman Hearns, Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard and George Foreman appeal that woudlve made it a multiple case buy for me. Last year we had Holmes, ali, frazier, Whitaker, jones, cooney and All I kept thinking was is Dr Price saved some great ones for this next release but.. after reviewing the checklist... sad.gif

Evander never thrilled me, Roberto was always the enemy Not that I didnt love him, mercer and Toney ushered the fall of the heavyweight division If I had all the money I spent on pay per views watching Sugar Ray, Chavez, Arguello, Hearns, Foreman and even Riddick Bowe later Id be wealthy beyond belief.. Where are those guys?. Heck Pacquiao wouldve made me buy a case! unsure.gif

At the present I am going to take a wait and see approach to the market before I commit any money!

for further investigation here are the prelim checklists for autos and relics


Adamek, Tomasz
A-TA2 Adamek, Tomasz
A-MAB1 Barrera, Marco Antonio
A-MAB2 Barrera, Marco Antonio
A-CB1 Basilio, Carmen
A-CB2 Basilio, Carmen
A-SB1 Briggs, Shannon
A-SB2 Briggs, Shannon
A-FB1 Bruno, Frank
A-FB2 Bruno, Frank
A-JC1 Calzaghe, Joe
A-JC2 Calzaghe, Joe
A-HCJ1 Camacho Jr., Hector
A-HCJ2 Camacho Jr., Hector
A-GCH1 Chuvalo, George
A-GCH2 Chuvalo, George
A-HCO1 Cooper, Henry
A-HCO2 Cooper, Henry
A-RD1 Duran, Roberto
A-RD2 Duran, Roberto
A-YF1 Foreman, Yuri
A-YF2 Foreman, Yuri
A-DF1 Fullmer, Don
A-GF1 Fullmer, Gene
A-JFU1 Fullmer, Jay
A-DGJF Fullmer/Fullmer/Fullmer
A-RH1 Hatton, Ricky
A-RH2 Hatton, Ricky
A-EH1 Holyfield, Evander
A-EH2 Holyfield, Evander

A-GJ2 Johnson, Glen
A-PM1 Malignaggi, Paulie
A-PM2 Malignaggi, Paulie
A-PMJ1 Manfredo Jr., Peter
A-PMJ2 Manfredo Jr., Peter
A-OM1 McCall, Oliver
A-OM2 McCall, Oliver
A-RM1 Mercer, Ray
A-RM2 Mercer, Ray
A-MM1 Moorer, Michael
A-MM2 Moorer, Michael
A-TM1 Morrison, Tommy
A-TM2 Morrison, Tommy
A-SM1 Mosley, Shane
A-SM2 Mosley, Shane
A-KN1 Norton, Ken
A-KN2 Norton, Ken
A-LS1 Spinks, Leon
A-LS2 Spinks, Leon
A-AT1 Tarver, Antonio
A-AT2 Tarver, Antonio
A-JT1 Toney, James
A-JT2 Toney, James
A-WW1 Wright, Winky
A-WW2 Wright, Winky

Norton would be a cool auto but he wasnt a Champ! Moorer got beat by Foreman when he was 48 or however old he was!

Mosley and Tarver are nice but not enough!

Relics a huge list

Home Ringside Boxing Round 2 Memorabilia Checklist

Memorabilia Checklist
Authentic Memorabilia
AM-28 Tomasz Adamek
AM-29 Shannon Briggs
AM-30 Frank Bruno
AM-31 Hector Camacho Jr.
AM-32 Joe Calzaghe
AM-33 Yuri Foreman
AM-34 Ricky Hatton
AM-35 Evander Holyfield
AM-36 Paulie Malignaggi
AM-37 Peter Manfredo Jr.
AM-38 Ray Mercer
AM-39 Ray Mercer
AM-40 Michael Moorer
AM-41 Tommy Morrison
AM-42 Antonio Tarver
AM-43 James Toney
AM-44 Winky Wright
AM-45 Roy Jones Jr.
AM-46 Buster Douglas
AM-47 Micky Ward
AM-48 Gerry Cooney
AM-49 Vito Antuofermo
AM-50 Larry Holmes
AM-51 Riddick Bowe
AM-52 Ray Mancini
AM-53 Livingstone Bramble
AM-54 Pernell Whitaker
AM-55 Arturo Gatti

Double Memorabilia

DM-08 Ray Mercer
DM-09 Evander Holyfield
Muhammad Ali
DM-10 Muhammad Ali
Joe Frazier
DM-11 Muhammad Ali
Larry Holmes
DM-12 Mike Tyson
Evander Holyfield
DM-13 Hector Camacho Sr.
Hector Camacho Jr.
DM-14 Muhammad Ali
Frank Bruno
DM-15 Evander Holyfield
Ray Mercer
DM-16 Roy Jones Jr.
Antonio Tarver
DM-17 Arturo Gatti
Micky Ward

Triple Memorabilia
TM-05 Evander Holyfield
Mike Tyson
Buster Douglas
TM-06 Ricky Hatton
Roy Jones Jr.
Paulie Malignaggi
TM-07 Joe Calzaghe
Tomasz Adamek
Yuri Foreman
TM-08 Larry Holmes
Tommy Morrison
Evander Holyfield

Quad Memorabilia
QM-05 Mike Tyson
Buster Douglas
Frank Bruno
Tommy Morrison
QM-06 Evander Holyfield
Shannon Briggs
Riddick Bowe
Michael Moorer
QM-07 Larry Holmes
Gerry Cooney
Muhammad Ali
Joe Frazier
QM-08 Roy Jones, Jr.
Ray Mancini
Ricky Hatton
Micky Ward


D-05 Evander Holyfield 1980s
Frank Bruno
Larry Holmes
Muhammad Ali
D-06 Antonio Tarver 1990s
Michael Moorer
Micky Ward
Ray Mercer
D-07 Mike Tyson 1990s
Buster Douglas
Roy Jones Jr.
Riddick Bowe
D-08 Ricky Hatton 2000s
Joe Calzaghe
Yuri Foreman
Antonio Tarver

B-01 Peter Manfredo Jr. April 6, 2003
Joe Calzaghe
B-02 Joe Calzaghe November 7, 2004
Roy Jones Jr.
B-03 Roy Jones Jr. May 14, 2000
Antonio Tarver
B-04 Michael Moorer November 7, 1993
Evander Holyfield
B-05 Ricky Hatton November 21, 2004
Paulie Malignaggi
B-06 Frank Bruno March 15, 1992
Mike Tyson
B-07 Frank Bruno July 18, 1982
Tim Witherspoon
B-08 Ray Mercer May 19, 1991
Evander Holyfield
B-09 Shannon Briggs August 25, 2001
Ray Mercer
B-10 Ray Mercer Febuary 7, 1992
Larry Holmes
B-11 Ray Mercer October 17, 1987
Tommy Morrison
B-12 Henry Cooper May 9, 1962
Muhammad Ali

For Your Country

FYC-07 Frank Bruno England
FYC-08 Joe Calzaghe England
FYC-09 Paulie Malignaggi USA
FYC-10 Ricky Hatton England
FYC-11 Tomasz Adamek Poland
FYC-12 Hector Camacho Jr. Puerto Rico
FYC-13 Yuri Foreman Belarus
FYC-14 Evander Holyfield USA
FYC-15 Julio Cesare Chavez Mexico
FYC-16 Arturo Gatti Italy

Hometown Heroes

HH-11 Antonio Tarver Orlando, Florida
HH-12 Evander Holyfield Atmore, Alabama
HH-13 James Toney Grand Rapids, Michigan
HH-14 Michael Moorer Brooklyn, New York
HH-15 Paulie Malignaggi Brooklyn, New York
HH-16 Peter Manfredo Jr. Providence, Rhode Island
HH-17 Ray Mercer Jacksonville, Florida
HH-18 Shannon Briggs Brooklyn, New York
HH-19 Tommy Morrison Gravette, Arkansas
HH-20 Winky Wright Washington, D.C.

In My Corner

IMC-05 Evander Holyfield
IMC-06 Joe Calzaghe
IMC-07 Ricky Hatton
IMC-08 Shannon Briggs
IMC-09 Michael Moorer
IMC-10 Yuri Foreman
IMC-11 Winky Wright
IMC-12 Paulie Malignaggi

WL-13 Tomasz Adamek
WL-14 Muhammad Ali
WL-15 Shannon Briggs
WL-16 Yuri Foreman
WL-17 Ricky Hatton
WL-18 Evander Holyfield
WL-19 Peter Manfredo Jr.
WL-20 Ray Mercer
WL-21 Tim Witherspoon
WL-22 Michael Moorer
WL-23 Antonio Tarver
WL-24 James Toney

Patch Card
P-01 Tomasz Adamek
P-02 Arturo Gatti
P-03 Shannon Briggs
P-04 Ray Mercer
P-05 James Toney
P-06 Peter Manfredo Jr.
P-07 Michael Moorer
P-08 Tommy Morrison
P-09 Ricky Hatton
P-10 Buster Douglas
P-11 Ray Mancini
P-12 Larry Holmes
P-13 Riddick Bowe
P-14 Livingstone Bramble
P-15 Christy Martin
P-16 Manny Pacquiao
P-17 Gerry Cooney
P-18 Tim Witherspoon
P-19 Vinny Paz
P-20 Fernando Vargas
P-21 Julio Cesar Chavez
P-22 Rafael Ruelas


M-100 Joe Calzaghe
M-101 Joe Calzaghe
M-102 Joe Calzaghe
M-103 Joe Calzaghe
M-104 Joe Calzaghe
M-105 Joe Calzaghe
M-106 Joe Calzaghe
M-107 Joe Calzaghe
M-108 Shannon Briggs
M-109 Shannon Briggs
M-110 Shannon Briggs
M-111 Shannon Briggs
M-112 Shannon Briggs
M-113 Shannon Briggs
M-114 Tomasz Adamek
M-115 Tomasz Adamek
M-116 Tomasz Adamek
M-117 Tomasz Adamek
M-118 Tomasz Adamek
M-119 Tomasz Adamek
M-120 Michael Moorer
M-121 Michael Moorer
M-122 Michael Moorer
M-123 Michael Moorer
M-124 Michael Moorer
M-125 Michael Moorer
M-126 Paulie Malignaggi
M-127 Paulie Malignaggi
M-128 Paulie Malignaggi
M-129 Paulie Malignaggi
M-130 Paulie Malignaggi
M-131 Paulie Malignaggi
M-132 Ray Mercer
M-133 Ray Mercer
M-134 Ray Mercer
M-135 Ray Mercer
M-136 Ray Mercer
M-137 Ray Mercer
M-138 Ray Mercer
M-139 Ray Mercer
M-140 Ray Mercer
M-141 Ray Mercer
M-142 Ray Mercer
M-143 Ray Mercer
M-144 Ray Mercer
M-145 Ray Mercer
M-146 Ray Mercer
M-147 Ray Mercer
M-148 Ray Mercer
M-149 Ray Mercer
M-150 Evander Holyfield
M-151 Evander Holyfield
M-152 Evander Holyfield
M-153 Evander Holyfield
M-154 Evander Holyfield
M-155 Evander Holyfield
M-156 Evander Holyfield
M-157 Evander Holyfield
M-158 Peter Manfredo Jr.
M-159 Peter Manfredo Jr.
M-160 Peter Manfredo Jr.
M-161 Peter Manfredo Jr.
M-162 Peter Manfredo Jr.
M-163 Peter Manfredo Jr.
M-164 Peter Manfredo Jr.
M-165 Peter Manfredo Jr.
M-166 Peter Manfredo Jr.
M-167 Yuri Foreman
M-168 Yuri Foreman
M-169 Yuri Foreman
M-170 Yuri Foreman
M-171 Yuri Foreman
M-172 Yuri Foreman
M-173 Yuri Foreman
M-174 Frank Bruno
M-175 Frank Bruno
M-176 Frank Bruno
M-177 Frank Bruno
M-178 Frank Bruno
M-179 Frank Bruno
M-180 Gerry Cooney
M-181 Gerry Cooney
M-182 Gerry Cooney
M-183 Gerry Cooney
M-184 Gerry Cooney
M-185 Gerry Cooney
M-186 Gerry Cooney
M-187 Gerry Cooney
M-188 Gerry Cooney
M-189 Gerry Cooney
M-190 Gerry Cooney
M-191 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-192 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-193 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-194 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-195 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-196 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-197 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-198 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-199 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-200 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-201 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-202 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-203 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-204 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-205 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
M-206 Tommy Morrison
M-207 Tommy Morrison
M-208 Tommy Morrison
M-209 Tommy Morrison
M-210 Tommy Morrison
M-211 Roy Jones Jr.
M-212 Roy Jones Jr.
M-213 Roy Jones Jr.
M-214 Roy Jones Jr.
M-215 Roy Jones Jr.
M-216 Roy Jones Jr.
M-217 Roy Jones Jr.
M-218 Ray Mancini
M-219 Ray Mancini
M-220 Ray Mancini
M-221 Ray Mancini
M-222 Ray Mancini
M-223 Ray Mancini
M-224 Ray Mancini
M-225 Ray Mancini
M-226 Riddick Bowe
M-227 Riddick Bowe
M-228 Riddick Bowe
M-229 Riddick Bowe

King-Sized Memorabilia

KSM-24 Buster Douglas
KSM-25 Christy Martin
KSM-26 Emile Griffith
KSM-27 Fernando Vargas
KSM-28 Gerry Cooney
KSM-29 Hector Camacho Sr.
KSM-30 Iran Barkley
KSM-31 Joe Frazier
KSM-32 Junior Jones
KSM-33 Larry Holmes
KSM-34 Livingstone Bramble
KSM-35 Mark Breland
KSM-36 Micky Ward
KSM-37 Mike Tyson
KSM-38 Muhammad Ali
KSM-39 Pernell Whitaker
KSM-40 Ray Mancini
KSM-41 Riddick Bowe
KSM-42 Roy Jones Jr.
KSM-43 Vinny Paz
KSM-44 Vito Antuofermo
KSM-45 Tomasz Adamek
KSM-46 Shannon Briggs
KSM-47 Frank Bruno
KSM-48 Hector Camacho Jr.
KSM-49 Yuri Foreman
KSM-50 Ricky Hatton
KSM-51 Evander Holyfield
KSM-52 Paulie Malignaggi
KSM-53 Peter Manfredo Jr.
KSM-54 Ray Mercer
KSM-55 Ray Mercer
KSM-56 Michael Moorer
KSM-57 Tommy Morrison
KSM-58 Antonio Tarver
KSM-59 James Toney
KSM-60 Winky Wright
KSM-61 Joseph Calzaghe
KSM-62 Tim Witherspoon
KSM-63 Arturo Gatti
KSM-64 Julio Cesar Chavez
KSM-65 Eddie Mustafa Muhammad
KSM-66 Manny Pacquiao
Complete Logo
LC-59 Tomasz Adamek
LC-60 Muhammad Ali
LC-61 Marco Antonio Barrera
LC-62 Carmen Basilio
LC-63 Shannon Briggs
LC-64 Frank Bruno
LC-65 Joseph Calzaghe
LC-66 Hector Camacho Jr.
LC-67 George Chuvalo
LC-68 Sir Henry Cooper
LC-69 Roberto Duran
LC-70 Yuri Foreman
LC-71 Fullmer Brothers
LC-72 Don Fullmer
LC-73 Gene Fullmer
LC-74 Jay Fullmer
LC-75 Ricky Hatton
LC-76 Evander Holyfield
LC-77 Glen Johnson
LC-78 Paulie Malignaggi
LC-79 Peter Manfredo Jr.
LC-80 Oliver McCall
LC-81 Ray Mercer
LC-82 Michael Moorer
LC-83 Tommy Morrison
LC-84 Shane Mosely
LC-85 Ken Norton
LC-86 Leon Spinks
LC-87 Antonio Tarver
LC-88 James Toney
LC-89 Winky Wright

Ringside Seat
1 Douglas vs Holyfield
2 Dokes vs Holyfield
3 Holyfield vs Bowe
4 Holmes vs Cooney
5 Tyson vs Tillman
6 Tyson vs. Hollyfield II
7 Tyson vs Holyfield
8 Hagler vs Leonard
9 Patterson vs Liston
10 Leonard vs Lalonde
11 Hagler vs Hearns
12 Clay vs Jones
13 Ali/Terrell
14 Holmes vs Frazier

Some of those names above are leftovers from Round 1!
My one and only boxing card
I will be hunting for a Duran auto (He knocked out a horse at fifteen years old)...Also was one of the best boxing nights I had ever attended (Big O in Montreal)I seen Big John Tate literally turn and run away versus Trevor Berbick,I seen Geatan Hart kill Cleveland Denny,and I had seen the Panamanian Devil beat Sugar Ray Leonard...Duran would not let Leonard do his hit and run fight he kept pushing him to the corner and pounding his body...The crowd and stadium was ecstatic.....also many many great fights on that card......
Let me add there was no fix in this fight! .......
I would kill for this card

DM-12 Mike Tyson
Evander Holyfield
Will there be a piece of an ear in that card with Iron Mike and Holyfield?
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