im willing to split the admission/parking cost for one day (3 day show, can go anyday, next fri-sun)

all i ask is you TRY to leave the Keo auto for me, note if you REALLY just gotta have keo ill gladly take another free flexable..

all i ask is an small "fee" for my time/gas on an diet so ill bring my food.

ill have $5 to put towards parking/admission for one day..park/admission is $10 ea/day..

im not trying to make money off of parking/admission so if more than 1 person wants me to go one an certain day, we can easily split the p/a costs equally..

by small fee im referring to around $10 obo.

i live 1 hr 45 minutes away from the show site. this is tristar at houstons reliant center next fri-sun..

can anybody help us go and let us help ya out too?

plse no negative posts..ive terminally ill and cant afford to go on my own.

need a certain player/team?

we are willing to search thru every single box to find ya that "perfect" card for your pc..

i have plenty of feedbacks besides on tcc so if you need more feedbacks lmk.

perfer paypal but'll take mo's and/or cash too as long as it gets here in time,..

on free autos:

1 free auto/person of each player that is free!

ive done this few times b4 and had a blast and helped others get pc cards/autos/mem!

lmk ty

Kevin "uncle tiny" Alan