I have a bunch of silver for sale. Approximately 30oz's (silver weight) worth of coins. I am looking for top $$ on these as silver is still selling really strong despite spot price. Here is a idea of a break down. I don't have pics up yet, but am working on it. If they don't sell they will head to eBay, because they are still commanding big money there. But LMK thanks

I have some more stuff but need to find out exactly what and then add it to this list.

1843 large cent
Lincoln penny collection 1959-1997 (all mint marks and versions) in album.
handful of 1943 steel cents, few wheat, couple Indian.
3-4 V nickels
5-6 buffalo nickels
2-4 barber dimes
about 35 war nickels
war nickel set, all dates and marks in holder.
about 100 dimes, Roosevelt 1964 and back, mercury. And 4 barber dimes.
10-12 quarters 1964 and back.
3 standing liberty quarters
35-37 half's walking, Franklin, and Kennedy
2 1967 halfs 40% silver
2 morgans 1885, 1886 (rainbow toning!)
2 peace 1922 and 1926 I think
3 proof sets, 1971, 1972, 1979
A America the Beautiful Silver proof set quarters sealed in holder. 90% silver.