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Full Version: Looking for celebrity-worn cards!
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Title says it all. Looking for GU card from celebs. From like Razor Pop Century and UD Prominent Cuts I am not looking for all of them, just the ones I like. I don't really know what ones there are, I have a couple incoming but I know there are still others I would like. LMK what you got.

Looking to trade or buy if cheap. cool.gif
ill send you a card with a piece of my sock if that helps..
Johnny Number 5
nice cani have one
laugh.gif laugh.gif

I only want it if it has some stitching on it and 2 color or better. You know the prime pieces (like the toe and top of the sock areas). laugh.gif
Not sure if you are interested or not, but I have some stuff from Americana, check the celebrity section in my bucket and let me know...thanks!
I like these but they were in the NFT part. But LMK if you might part with them and if you know what movie or show they are from. cool.gif

I have interest in most of them but these most. But I do like the others. LMK

Denzel Washington Pants
Jamie Foxx Shirt
George Clooney Jacket
Kevin Costner Shirt
Denzel Washington Hat
Mike Myers Pants
Christopher Reeves Cape
Jim Carey Shirt
Yeah I was trying to put the set together, then ran out of funding for it, so I kind of gave up, they shouldn't be labeled as NFT you have a bucket or a tradelist?
There is a link in my sig that says CLICK HERE for my FT/FS stuff. laugh.gif tongue.gif

Or if selling LMK prices.

LMK thanks. cool.gif
PM coming!
Have a Donruss Americana Bo Hopkins GU LMK
I have no idea who he is. So I will pass. Thanks though.

I'm really only look for people I know or like. cool.gif
bo hopkins was a tough guy actor.
QUOTE(edgerrin32 @ Mar 8 2011, 09:53 AM)
I have no idea who he is. So I will pass. Thanks though.

I'm really only look for people I know or like. cool.gif

No problem Haha Don't worry I Have no idea who he is either laugh.gif I got it in a lot a bought a while back biggrin.gif
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