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Full Version: Plates and Patches for trade.
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I busted 2 boxes of these at the LCS on Saturday. All if ft. Mainly looking for Packers.

-Randy Moss "Prime Jersey Brand Logo GU" #ed 4/5 (TOPPER)
-Hakeem Nicks base #ed 330/499
-Carson Palmer base #ed 403/499
-Steve Smith base #ed 50/100
-Vernon Davis "City Limits" insert #ed 174/299
-Peyton Manning "Prime patch" #ed 21/50
-Rookie REDEMPTION #122 (Not sure who this is, Any help?)
-Michael Palmer "Rookie auto" #ed 237/449
-Mike Kafka "Prime patch auto" #ed 187/699
-Joe McNight "Prime auto patch" #ed 57/699 (TOPPER)
-Steve Smith base #ed 256/499
-Steve Smith base #ed 27/50
-Calvin Johnson base #ed 82/100 (Corner dinged!)
-Matt Hasselbeck base #ed 43/499
-Andre Johnson "City Limits" insert #ed 8/299
-LeGarrette Blount "Rookie auto" #ed 46/50*GONE
-Mickey Shuler "Rookie auto" #ed 26/50
-Antonio Gate "GU" #ed 296/299
your redemption is David Gettis

cmb for the Blount auto /50
CMB for the Blount auto if Crig doesn't get it first, thanks
crig- Sorry man, just traded it.

Raidaz- Sterling Sharpe auto/gu. Would LOVE to have it.
CMB for Manning Patch /50. cool.gif
facemuscles- I will check your bucket when I get home. for some reason, my work computer won't let me look at your bucket. Everyone elses buckets work just fine though. Strange....

Don't know if I have anything for it but let me know.

-Peyton Manning "Prime patch" #ed 21/50
-Randy Moss "Prime Jersey Brand Logo GU" #ed 4/5 (TOPPER
facemuscles- Some nice stuff, but other than the Ernie Banks auto, there wasn't anything I could use for my own collection. If for some reason you would want to trade the Banks auto, feel free to pm me. lol
jam92102- Wouldn't mind the Marmol gu in your bucket, but not enough for the Manning.
patsfan52- I didn't see anything I could use. Thanks anyways. Besides, the Moss card is in the Vikings uniform anyways with a patch from a Vikings uniform. Not sure if that changes your mind on this card, but just thought I would mention if seeing that you are a Patriots fan.
Anyone else? Need help recorving some of my losses on these boxes. Would like to turn them into something useful in my collection. lol
Most of these are still available.
Johnny Number 5
ok reb im ready to eal if u still have the mcnight
J#5- I sure do still have it available. Do you have a tradelist that I can look at buddy?
Still available
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