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Full Version: Im ready to get out
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Ok after having a great time here over the years and meeting a ton of great guys and gals and with too many names to name and people to thank(u know who u are) its time for me to walk away my love for
This great hobby hasnt waivered but a lot of peoples has and its getting very difficult to trade or sell and I thought I had amassed a pretty good tradelist but everytime I post like a card I get a reply stating didnt see anything and its frustrating so what im gonna do is give myself till april 1st to trade the cards in my tradelist for dwayne bowe and dez bryant as those 2 are pc also will be looking to sell could sell it as a lot or piece it out it dont matter to me also the peyton manning auto isnt ft/fs as im gonna put it away for my soon to be 14 year old son also as I said the dez bryants arent available as I said there pc lmk thanx and god bless

Ps.and of course ill finish my pending transactions and im sure ill peek my head in and see whats up every once in a while!!
your have a great tradelist..i have
There are 4 guys I especially wanna thank in no
Particular order


and my mango

Johnny number 5

Thank u guys so much whenever I was low on supplies or needed advice on the hobby or advice in general u guys were here thanx again

Also almost forget

Rednecksims-thanx so much for all our deals and working with me on a few lol

To everybody here on tcc I didnt mention thank u so much!!
Haha chop
Send prices on you Percy Harvin stuff please. Thanks, TL cool.gif
Pm sent tommy

Anybody else?
Sam, I don't think it is your tradelist as much as it is just the hobby or economy, etc, etc. I have made very few trades recently and really have only added minimally to my tradelist due to the lack of activity. Not sure how rstjr does it, but it has been slow for me the last few years as well, just wanted to mention you are not alone with lack of trades. I have actually sent and received more free stuff recently, I think, than traded. Anyway, good luck hopefully you will get some responses and make some deals.
Thanx the hobby might get stronger but the way things are going it dont look good
Any Shipley????
Not much of anything on the guys you need but i can use.
Icons dereck williams auto (if in college uni)
Henne LRS auto #/99

lmk thanks
I didnt see anything if u want I could trade the williams for a few gu size loaders as far as the henne goes I could sell it for 15 lmk
Sorry no shipley
Hmm. Not much extra PP right this second. will see if i can find anything.
Any other cut autos, similiar to the Stram?
Sorry to see you go Sam. I know you have been in some of my Breaks and im glad you joined. We also made a couple trades before and they were easy to do with you. TCC will miss you being around here. But i understand where you are coming from, I came to a point just like where you are at now and its sometimes best to take a break from the hobby. You know we'll all be here to welcome you back if you do decide to come back smile.gif
Tyrod-sorry no bud

Thanx peja

Anybody else the berrys and harvins are all pending as well
I think that's just the way it goes sometimes. I don't ever seem to have a lot of trades for months and then I get a fluctuation. I've mainly resorted to buying as most things I like no wants to trade for what I have or vice versa. Trading is def down from what it was a year or two ago. Stick with it man. If you're anything like me the hobby will just pull you back any anyways.
yeah i think im done for good the price of products has gone way up and i just cant afford to stay in the game so to speak ive already sold quite a bit of my tradelist and am looking to sell or trade for dez bryant lmk
Suh and deckers gone
Anybody today have bowe or bryant? Would like to sell the rest of the cards in my tradelist sans the bryants and the peyton auto which arent ft/fs make a offer please thanx
Ok anybody?
Anybody today ? I also have made the
Peyton auto available for sale or trade if trading im looking for dez bryant or I need a ryan matthews sweet spot fresno state helmet auto I live close to fresno so I think it would be cool to have lmk looking to trade or sell everything but my dez bryants
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