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Full Version: Mistico signs with the WWE
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Via wrestlingobserver:

Reports are the biggest non-WWE draw of the past five years in pro wrestling signs WWE deal

Mistico of CMLL, who led Arena Mexico to one of its biggest boom periods in history, was reported by Super Luchas magazine today as signing with WWE.

Mistico had been unhappy with CMLL of late. The promotion had fallen greatly in the last six months and was no longer catering to him as they had over the past five years. He had secret talks of late with both WWE and AAA. WWE had made plays for him in the past. Still, this is a risky move given his size, and that the WWE mentality is the belief Luchadores don't know how to work. On the flip side, WWE is more popular in Mexico than anywhere else, and they recognize Rey Mysterio won't be around forever and feel the need for someone in that role.

Mistico is one of the bigger drawing cards in pro wrestling history. Based on headlining the most shows that drew more than 10,000 fans, Mistico was the biggest drawing card in wrestling overall three different years, and in the last six years, he was always either first or tied for first among non-WWE performers, and is the only Luchador in history to win the Wrestling Observer's Wrestler of the Year Award, winning in 2006.


This COULD be really HUGE news. Seeing that they finally(?) have made headways with Don Caras Jr (Alberto Del Rio), perhaps Mistico will be the next Rey Mysterio in the WWE.

Due to his lack of size and the overall negative WWE brass' image of "lucha" style wrestling, Mistico will have to overcome alot of obstacles.

I like the signing, but don't know how "big" this story will end up in 2011? It could be the biggest story or the biggest disappointment (ie kill his spirit, take off his mask and have him quit/fired; only to return to Mexico with 1/2 or 1/4 the previous popularity)

Your thoughts?

really tough to call this one.

Mysterio continues to have a strong legion of fans while Del Rio has been made a first class heel!

Vince, for once, is thinking "Big Picture" with Del Rio winning the Royal Rumble.

Domestic revenue and income has been extremely dispointing this past year (especially last quarter), while Mexico revenue and PPV buys have increased. Mexico is seen as a good source of future income...good call Vince!
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