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Full Version: Npn?
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joe arvesen
i know what it is but how do you go about obtain a npn from a company do you have to buy the product any help is appreciated
Johnny Number 5
Most companies have their NPN Info on their packs or boxes. They can also be obtained through their webcites and such. NPN's can yield anything from a nice base card, insert, gu, auto or even a sick 1/5 patch times....
QUOTE(joe arvesen @ Jan 9 2011, 04:53 PM)
i know what it is but how do you go about obtain a npn from a company do you have to buy the product any help is appreciated

Joe, you can get NPN's a couple different ways...

with Topps you will find an address on their product wrappers, you mail in a 3x5 card to that address and hope for the best... each product wrapper has a different PO box, and it has been my experience you do well with the low end products and occassionaly score with a high ender... I have had more luck with Topps on NPN's than any other company still in business...

with Upper Deck you can only enter their NPN program through their website... I have had no luck with them at all, hope you do better than me... laugh.gif

I am unfamiliar with Panini, hope someone else can help you with their NPNs....
Each 3x5 card, with your name and address has to be mailed in a separate envelope.
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I'm actually not sure about Panini but check for all of your NPN needs!
Panini is still doing them at the same address as Donruss in Arlington, TX. Similar to Topps you mail a 3x5 lined index card with your information in a #10 (long size approx 8.5") letter envelope. I think you can put 2 entries in for Panini products but in separate envelopes, while Topps is one entry per product.

As for getting stuff, you just have to get lucky.

Most of my current npn items have come from Topps and Panini, very little from UD since they went to the online system. Wondering if some of that could be due to UD's financial issues as well though. unsure.gif

Anyway get some stamps, write up some index cards and envelopes and hope for the best. Or log into UD's site and put your name on those as well (one entry per product or they disqualify your entries in the product).
It is actually as simple as it sounds on the back of the packaging, unless you live in Canada, then you gotsta do some math!
it is rare but you can get some NPNs from the UD site i never did NPNs till upper deck went online and from day1 of there online till now i have gotten 3 (hockey BAP dual auto some guitar player auto from spectrum and the shocker dual patch dual jersey auto /43 coco crisp UD black)
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