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Full Version: Attention, Attention. A Milestone Is Upon Us!
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Ladies and Gentleman of the TCC Family a milestone never reached before is upon us here at Trading Card Central. It is truly a colossal occasion and a day many of us thought might never happen. Since April 4th of 2005, the Opening Day of the forums here at TCC, Bob_TCC (President and CEO) has been the sites top poster. That has now changed, aceecards (Steve) has pulled the proverbial David vs. Goliath and taken the top spot.

Steve has set some pretty high standards for the members here. In his time at TCC he has now over 63,000 posts, over 820 transactions, has donated time as a member of the CZT when he could and truly showed a love and longevity in the hobby we all care so deeply about.

Steve’s enthusiasm and ability to motivate the family here at TCC has contributed to the sites success and the “quality of life” we have all grown to love here over the years. The sites continued success will live on through members like Steve as he shows everyone the respect they deserve and teaches us all the way to lead by example.

Please take moment of your time to congratulate aceecards (Steve) on this accomplishment.

A remarkable and inspiring accomplishment.

Mr. Emerick, you are, indeed, a God among men, as
far as collecting goes. No one needs to read that to
fathom it.

What this particular stat honors is a commitment
that impresses me even more.

Your enduring, vicious and compelling contributions
to this site and the hobby will be your legacy. You are
a one-of-a-kind.

We are all, well served, by your presence, your posts
and your intensity.

Thank you, Steve, for everything that you have done
for this site, the hobby and me.

Collect Hard!,
Congrats, Steve. What an achievement!
Good catch.

Sorry Steve, my brain had an issue with all the E's. Much Luv

Back to the congrats...
Johnny Number 5
Nice Job Steve....

you should be quite proud of your accomplishment!
ohmy.gif Amazing! Steve, unbelievable... HUGE congrats and keep up the amazing work!
nice, congrats
thank you very much.

I had passed Bob once before in post count and it didnt feel right. It still doesn't.

In Bob's absence I guess it was inevitable for someone to catch him and pass him. I just wish my good friend was here to revel in this moment with me.


So in honor of our missing man, his favorite smiley, and hopes that he gets on his bad motor scooter and rides back into our lives!
Congrats on the accomplishment.
Congrats Steve!!!
Congrats Steve! toot.gif
Congrats! but I have one question, are your fingers sore yet??? unsure.gif laugh.gif
Congrats Steve!

Yes, that scooter is missed.
2000 rushing yards
Congrats Steve!! i thought for a while this would never happen
19th Century Indiana Jones
Not fair. How many languages did he use?
Congrats Steve!
Congrats Steve. smile.gif
QUOTE(northicehero99 @ Jan 7 2011, 11:46 AM)
Congrats!  but I have one question, are your fingers sore yet??? unsure.gif  laugh.gif

nah too many picture posts for that! laugh.gif

what was randallcards old favorite post

nice! laugh.gif

Nice! wink.gif
Congrats Steve! thumbup.gif
Congratulations! What a great accomplishment you have achieved.

congrats steve what an accomplishment clapping.gif punk.gif thumbup.gif
again thank you but honestly..

and sincerely,

I would trade them all to spend another day with Bob!
Quite the milestone, thanks for all you do here smile.gif
Johnny Number 5
IF Steve is leading the Cite in Posting, Imagine how many threads he must have read to post all of that. Nice Job Steve I nominate you for the Golden Finger award!!!!!!!
Congrats on the feat! I never really got to know Bob he was just about gone when I came on the site. But he sounds like a good guy! Maybe one day he will be back.

But nice job Steve! cool.gif
Johnny Number 5
I was just thinking

I miss bob
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