Was at my parents for Xmas and came across a number of wax packs I have had for a number of years. Most of these packs are in the late 80's to probably late 90's. Wide variety of baseball, basketball, and football. Such brands as Fleer, Topps, Score, Score Select, Stadium Club, Topps Finest, Flair, Donruss, Action Packed, Front Row, Upper Deck, Bowman, Leaf, Skybox, UD Collectors Choice, Hoops, Pinnacle, Playoff, UD 3D basketball, Studio baseball, etc. Nothing real high end, but definitely a wide variety of packs and could pull some decent cards. Most of them are regular packs with a few jumbo or rack packs as well. Have all of these packs in 2 (5000) count sportscard boxes. So if giving approx amount number of packs, there are probably 400-600 packs. Could be even more than that. Just use to open a bunch of packs growing up and at times use to put a few aside out of each box.

If you have a select brand, year, sport, etc and want to know more just drop me a line. Just too many packs to list all at once. Feel free to drop me a line on here or PM.

Was mainly looking to trade for football cards is the reason why I put on here