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Full Version: Havent We Had Enough Of Nexus?
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This schtick has run its course.

There is no reason to add CM Punk to the mix (unless it means they are all going bye bye) or any reason for Nexus to become the straight edge soceity (another schtick that you mercifully retired).

Please, if you learned one thing from the Spirit squad, its that groups are not going to sell tickets , it didnt work for the 4 horsemen or NWO in Nitro and Im growing weary of seeing the faces of WWE take a pig pile butt whupping everytime a match is on-going.

Try something new Or revisit something Old or let Beth Phoenix wrestle for a mens title or let Jerry lawler win a title or bring back some cage matches .. Give me something to want to turn on Raw or Smackdown. Good old fashioned well laquered grudges between two superstars with an occasional tag team match thrown in works fine every week. Develop some of those like Morrison and the Miz (let the title change hands a couple of times even) or Bryan vs Sheamus (that would be cool even split the Bella twins , Im sure you are working on that right now) let Mark henry strong man slam a few big guys just so we can feel the ring shudder.

For now I will remain disinterested and hope your tire of this Nexus thing before wrestlemania!

A soon to be disenchanted fan!
Well put, and this could extend to a lot of the recent "fads".

I've lost interest for a good while. The last thing I had interest in was Shawn Michael's retirement.

Bring back the edge and excitement that accompanied Stone Cold vs. DX, the Rock (good and bad), the Corporation (or whatever Vince's evil group was called), Taker vs. Kane, etc.
As long as WWE is PG rated and marketing itself to children you can forget anything edgy like the days of the 90s Attitude Era. Now that Linda McMahon's Senate campaign has ended I fully expected to see WWE slowly return to a more adult oriented style with intersting storylines. So far its not happening. Nexus is here to stay I'm afraid. Vince sees many of those guys as the future. Most of them "look" like athletes so he figures they will pick up enough in ring ability over time to make them believable to the fan base. Otunga has charisma but is still green in the ring. Barrett is the best overall of the group and thus is being pushed as a title contender. Daniel Bryan is by far the best wrestler of the original group but isnt as solid on the mic. The others are, well, very blah.... I think we will see the group around for a while with members inserted in and out to "freshen" up things a bit.
I actually like the Nexus with CM Punk as leader. Plus I still believe Otunga is gonna be a star. But as for wrestling groups right now none can compare with TNA's Fourtune!
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