Wondering about the best pen to use for getting an autograph? Well, it all depends on the kind of autograph that you intend to get. After all, different surfaces would require different ink types that in order to stick and not end up bleeding or fading after a while. Autographs are meant to be lifelong souvenirs and as such, they must stand the test of time. The only real way that you can guarantee this is if you make use of the right ink for the specific item that you're getting signed. Shall we take at a few of the most common ones and what kind of pen you ought to use for them?

Jerseys - It would be best if you get them to sign right on the number as it is white and has the perfect texture for either a black or silver sharpie. Most autograph enthusiasts would tell you that a blue sharpie tends to fade.

Magazines - For this, a sharpie with either a fine or medium sized point would do very well. The color is all up to you but of course, it has to be visible.

Baseballs - Any point of pen would do and the darker the color, the better. However, experts do believe that for this purpose, blue is certainly a better color.

Basketballs - Black is the color of choice for this purpose. A sharpie would also be preferred but make sure that you use one that doesn't have the chisel edge because the celebrity or the athlete would need to hold it a proper way. A silver colored pen would also be okay if you want it to appear a bit flashier.

Baseball Bats - A black sharpie would always look good when used on baseball bats but you also have the option of using silver colored one. It all depends upon your preference and the visibility of the signature itself against its background.

So there you have it, just a few tips that should help you get the most out of your autographs. Remember, opportunities such as these present themselves ever so rarely and as such, you would want to make the most of them. Good luck!

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