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Full Version: TCC's October Member of the Month!
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Congratulations to Justin (cardcrazed) on being named the October Member of the month!

Here is a short writeup he did after learning of his selection:
WOW! What an honor, I would have never thought this would happen to me. I don't think I am all that exciting but I will at least try and make it worth your time reading! My full name is Justin Frederick, I am 30 years old and I reside in Indiana. I love mexican food and my favorite movie is Tombstone. I like all kinds of music so it would be hard to pick one band. I found TCC one day while googling "trading cards". I believe I have been on TCC now for 2 years maybe 3, not really sure but one thing is for sure and that is that I have had a blast! I just got back into collecting about 2 years ago, but before that I was on a 10 year break and boy does it feel good to be back! I like everything about TCC, the members, the easy to use site, pretty much everything! I am a die hard bleed blue Colts fan and that is where my collecting passion is rooted. I collect because it is a way for me to relax outside of the stresses of work and also a way for me to relive my childhood when collecting was just about having fun! My friends were the ones that got me into this hobby and although most of them don't collect anymore I am sorta keeping the torch burning. My wife and parents think "I am wasting my money on stupid cardboard" but thankfully they respect my interests enough not to ruin the joy that this hobby brings me. From my signature you can probably guess that I am a team collector, if they are wearing or have worn the uniform then I want that card! I don't open a lot of packs so I really don't have any impressive pulls, I mostly buy singles. My favorite piece right now is my Peyton Manning TTM, to know he actually signed my card for me is just an awesome feeling! My dream card is probably any Peyton Manning auto I can get my hands on. The one regret I have is that I didn't hold on to any of the cards I had before I took a break, I gave away a lot of great cards. I wish I could say my future plans for my collection would be to pass them on to my children, but I have a feeling my daughters aren't going to be interested in them so who knows? Well that is my story! I just want to thank you all for this opportunity to tell it and hopefully I continue to keep making friends here at TCC and the collecting fire keeps burning! Thank You!

And Thank You for making TCC such a great place!
Congratulations, a well-deserved honor.

We appreciate your positive input to the boards,
the hobby and the site.

Well done!

Collect Hard!,
Great choice! Congratulations, Justin!
Congrats, Justin!

Well deserved!
Congrats Justin. Great guy and a great choice smile.gif
congrats it has always been a pleasure chatting with you
A very deserving member indeed! Congratulations! toot.gif
I like your bio and the enthusiasm you put into writing it!
Awesome write-up Justin!!!!! Welcome to the club!!
Congratulations Justin!
Congrats. Very well deserving.
Congratulations, Justin....thumbsup.gif

A well deserved honor, thank you for your input to the site and keep that torch burning. We all have loved ones that question the money on cardboard thing...biggrin.gif
Congrats, well deserved smile.gif
Big congrats Justin. cool.gif

PS, I have some extra Edgerrins for sale! laugh.gif tongue.gif (inside joke) wacko.gif
Congrats Justin
Thank you everyone for the kind words! it is definitely an honor to be apart of the club!

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