who were the members that liked everything penn.? or the pirates fans or somethin..i've noticed a few roaming around...

i've also noticed that the two platinum medallion cards i have from '98 fleer ultra are also two players in a pirates uniform.

jason kendall 32/100


kevin polcovich, unknown SS to me..maybe not to some of you in penn.. 73/100

all of you more familiar with todays cards would know more about the rarity of cards but are still able to pull them somehow, well back in my day these platinums were some of the hardest inserts to get...you would be lucky to get one in a box and even when you do its gonna be a common player like these two. '98 wasnt that long ago im sure you all know the cards i am talking about. if anyone is interested, id want a trade, ive made some posts about the types of players i like in some forum specific to that..also im not sure of the exact price...i would guess $8-12 dollar range..so contact me or post here...whichever is cool.