Forgeries in the Autograph Industry

Are you a neophyte when it comes to collecting an autographed memorabilia? Then you should be wary of those deceitful sellers who often take advantage especially among novice collectors. And since most collectors think more about the resale value of a specific autographed memorabilia, scammers can easily forge their way to selling these items in just a snap of a hand.

Forgery has been a growing concern worldwide. In fact, not less than a billion dollars a year is lost all because of the widespread operation of forgery scams. For you to avoid shelling out your hard earned cash for nothing more than a fake memorabilia, here are some helpful ways you can consider.

Seek the Experts

Forgeries generally vary in their quality but still, they are not genuine autographed memorabilia. You need to be keen with the quality of the autograph although it is oftentimes too tricky to detect. Thus, you need to seek the experts. Have the autograph authenticated to avoid getting scammed. A good resource is PSA they do a good job determining if your autograph is real and will grade it too. This can increase the value of your autograph significantly.

Never Rush when Buying

If you find your way browsing thru various websites and you tend to get easily interested into buying something of a good deal without taking time to scrutinize the autograph, you might end up buying a forged autograph. Finding out more about an autograph seller is just as important as well. To be sure, go for sellers with very good reputation, as far as dealing authentic autographed memorabilia is concerned.

Be Knowledgeable

Before you invest for an autographed memorabilia, your knowledge for that particular autograph can play an integral part. For example, if you idolize a specific celebrity, you should know what his/her true signature looks like.


More often, sellers will ‘sweet talk’ you just to close a deal. Yes, maybe you find him very entertaining, to the point of you getting easily convinced into buying. However, if his story sounds too good to be true, chances are, it really isn’t true at all. Take time to verify so you will not end up buying a forged autograph memorabilia.

Collecting autographed memorabilia is really one of its kind, and because of its high value, more and more collectors are often drawn into buying such items. Sadly though, there are some advantageous sellers nowadays who can easily lure collectors of autographed memorabilia.

To avoid getting scammed, therefore, all it takes is careful scrutiny, a good background of the autograph and ample time of double checking and verifying.

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