i have these for trade if anyone wants..i just want a refractor or numbered card of football..

06 topps
johnathan joseph
manny lawson
demetrius williams
maurice stovall
pj daniels

insert OTG ty law
8036 lendale white

joey galloway
kevin curtis
brian griese
derrick burgess
tony g
brian urlacher
odell thurman
adam pac man
drew carter
marcus pollard
demarcus ware
michael strahan
larry fitzg
nick barnett
dunta robinson
aaron brooks
prise holmes
keenan mccardell
osi umeyiora
shaun alexander
terrence newman
steve mcnair
josh mccown
steven jackson
tj duckett
larry johnson
postseas highlight steelers win 5th

06 ud

brandon williams

1000 yd club deuce mcallister
top 25 edge james
10 sack jason taylor
fantasy 25 anquan boldin
1000 receive steve smith
3000 passing peyton manning

about 30 base..tired of writing..lol