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........on the Baltimore Raven's new autograph policy below:
Ravens introduce new autograph policy
The National Football Post

The Baltimore Ravens are introducing a new autograph policy that limits autographs to children only following the morning practice and has eliminated autograph signing from afternoon practices.

The Ravens said that safety concerns are the impetus for the change

"We have considered changing the way we do autograph signings for a few years,” team president Dick Cass said. “Our crowds for the morning practices have become so large that we’ve had safety situations with people pushing each other to try and get closer to the players. Often times, children would be put in difficult positions with the rush for autographs, especially from our most popular players.

"We want to keep the spontaneity and closeness we have with our fans who come to training camp. The connectivity we have with our fans at camp is important to us and a Ravens’ tradition. We know that every person who comes to camp and wants an autograph cannot get one because of the players’ schedules. Under our new system, more children will have the opportunity, and that’s important to us.”

The first training camp practice is set for July 27 at McDaniel College in Westminster, Md.

Children ages 6 through 15 will be allowed on the field after morning practice and will be given a wristband by the Ravens to enter a designated autograph area.

Only one item will be autographed and adults aren't allowed to accompany their children into the autograph area.

Because of weightlifting and other workouts, only a third of the team will be available to sign autographs and there's no guarantee that everyone will get an autograph.

Running, aggressive language and disorderly conduct can be grounds for ejection throughout training camp.

Hm, well I'm glad that's not the Lions rules. Their autograph session after practice when I was there was very organized, and I even got 12 autographs despite the huge crowd that day.
cbware88 fear is that this will lead to other teams doing the same. Last year at the Titans camp, several kids got hurt and security had to step in and control the crowd.
QUOTE(cbware88 @ Jul 14 2010, 10:35 AM) fear is that this will lead to other teams doing the same. Last year at the Titans camp, several kids got hurt and security had to step in and control the crowd.

I don't remember anyone having problems at training camp. It did get a little tight around star players like Calvin Johnson and Kevin Smith, (Matthew Stafford didn't sign), but no one was hurt or pushed around.
The Titans camp gets bad when VY or Johson are signing but not when the rookies and punters are at the fence.
QUOTE(cbware88 @ Jul 14 2010, 09:35 AM) fear is that this will lead to other teams doing the same. Last year at the Titans camp, several kids got hurt and security had to step in and control the crowd.

My guess is that if this occurred then more of this will follow at other camps. The NFL will probably institute a rule.

I actually think it is a good policy to a degree, as it will keep those adults acquiring them for resale from doing that, but the other side is they will just start paying kids to get them.
my son doesn't know it yet, but if the Titans do this.......he is going "camping" laugh.gif
Just ban the kids. wink.gif

I think if they're going to do this, they might as well ban autographs altogether. You know most of the kids are going to have their parents in the back feeding them stuff to get signed.
people are so sad
does anybody know if they have started their training camp and how the new policy is going over with the fans?
That sucks sad.gif the Ravens are my favorite team!
QUOTE(ravensfan52 @ Aug 4 2010, 11:29 PM)
That sucks sad.gif the Ravens are my favorite team!

Have you been to any practices??
Good thing Urlacher and Cutler never sign and I dont have to worry bout getting into tight places at camp! The way the Bears do it works...and it changed a little this year. Along the fence people can go up and get autographs, but about a yard back a rope blocks it off. It keeps certain areas from getting jammed when a popular player comes to an area. Like I have said before though, I live about 2 minutes from the Camp facility and you have just as good a chance of seeing a player out and about than you do fighting off the masses at practice. It helps that I know Urlachers favorite restaraunt here and same for Cutler and Olson smile.gif
work where the giants have theres, shortest this year ever , they have a autograph night over 6000 show up so good luck most big names sign a few and thats it that night. like going to a early am one get field passes and then make out well, bring the kids and they are happy
The Titans assign about three for four rookies a day to sign and then usually one vetern if they are available. I have been able to get Vince Young, Coach Fisher, and others when they stop by the fence but i have just been lucky (right time - right place).

Due to work and family, I haven't been able to go this year but I hope to be able to go at least a couple of times before the season starts......
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