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Full Version: May Member of the Month: athopesend
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First, we all want to give Ken (athopesend) a big congrats for being TCC's May Member of the Month.

Second, forgive me that it's being posted this way, but I went to create a new TCC Times but my computer's font book has been corrupted, and fonts aren't displaying properly or I can't use many of the fonts. Even web pages are looking weird!

But here it is! Hope you enjoy it it. I know I did. Josh (jwman92) did this write-up.


TCC has found its first celebrity, and it just so happens to be the May Member of the Month. Rockstar Ken (athopesend) was on the verge of a recording deal with his band, aptly named At Hope’s End, and is beginning his own solo career in the near future. Ken claims he is “twenty-nineteen” years old. Still clinging to his own childhood, he has used card collecting to connect with his step son. This has allowed him to spend an incredible four years on TCC, imparting his wisdom and showing off his collection to all of the other members.

Aside from his step-son, Ken’s family isn’t too supportive of his collecting habit \: “Well if you ask my wife ... she hates it, but she understands that its my hobby. I am slowly trying to get my brother to start collecting but as of now, everything he has came from me”

Ken doesn’t like to classify his collection, but he collects Raiders (in Raiders uniform), along with Score and Select parallels. He has begun to dabble in the entertainment world, starting collections in LOST and Supernatural card sets. However, he also has a few choice basketball and hockey players that he will pick up from time to time.

However, if you ask Ken what his favorite card is, it doesn’t come from any of the sets he mentioned. While it may not be his most valuable, Ken’s Adam West relic is his favorite card, because of his love for Batman.

Ken loves to open packs, but gets more enjoyment from pulling a card for his Raiders PC than he does from pulling a high value card. He loves acquiring cards from TCC members in trades, and wants to give a special shout-out to Jer123Pat123. He has completed an incredible 253 transactions in the time he has spent on TCC. Ken hopes that one day he can pass his collection on to his kids, but TCC is glad to have him right now!

Here are some pictures Ken sent us to use with the Member of the Month:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image
congrats what an excellent choice!
congrats and great choice i loved my trade with athopesend
Congrats! Well deserved.
definitely well deserved thumbup.gif

toot.gif toot.gif Congrats man!

I think you look like the guy on Blogtv thats always opening stuff! But im not 100% sure? tongue.gif

Well earned!
This was not me I promise.
Johnny Number 5
Knock it off man, attitudes like that will get you no where. If you don't like it, go some where else, athopesend is a great dude, who I have traded and chatted with before, grow up man or go home..

Dude I swear this wasnt me. You have to beleive me.
Johnny Number 5
Come on man, I am not going to argue. Again, I congratulate Mr. Ken for his fine achievement!
I do too. I would never do something like this. My photobucket was hacked and now this.
Big congrats! biggrin.gif
QUOTE(Kmart6nets @ Jul 3 2010, 04:40 PM)
Big congrats! biggrin.gif

Congrats Ken, well deserved. Finally got you off the runner up list for this, as you been in the running for awhile.
Congrats on the honor Ken. You have been deserving of this honor for awhile now and the time finally came.
Congrats again and thanks, Matt
Congrats! Well deserved!

congrats bud there could not have been a better choice hope you get a deal
and make a million
Congrats. Well deserved!!!
Congrats dude!!!!!!!
2000 rushing yards
congrats!! looks like you have a bright future ahead of you
Congrats! A well-deserved honor.
Thanks everybody, I was suprised when I was picked cause I tend to hide in the shadows, not posting too much and making trades here and there, but I really do appreciate being chosen and I feel like TCC is my online family. As far as becoming rich ... I only see that happening if I ever hit the lottery tongue.gif
Congrats on being May MOTM!
Congats!!!! Awsome Guy.. Have traded with several times and its always a easy deal and nice chat..
Congrats Ken well deserved! One of the best out there
congrats clapping.gif
Congrats dude biggrin.gif
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