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Full Version: April 2010 Member of the Month: Johnny_Number_5
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The TCC Collector Zone Team, Content and Graphics Team and Membership Team would like to send a huge congratulations to Johnny_Number_5 for being TCC's April Member of the Month!

This month, we decided to take a different take on Member of the Month. Instead of a write-up, we gave John the option of creating a video for us. The brave soul he is, he agreed!

Josh (jwman92) edited the video and here is the result:

Johnny_Number_5's MOTM video

And with that video marks the debut of TCC's Member of the Month YouTube Channel: TCCNow! Add us as a friend and comment away on the video!

Below is a questionnaire we sent John, so enjoy watching the video and reading his answers!

- Full name: John Frank English
- Age: 29
- Username: Johnny_Number_5
- How long have you been on TCC? Three years.
- How did you find TCC? Just searching for cards in a Yahoo search! I found Bob's TCC video on YouTube where he opened a box of Triple Threads with a huge knife.
- If you could change one thing about TCC, what would it be? Nothing, TCC is awesome the way it is!
- How long have you been collecting? During my younger years from age 5 until about 15, then I stopped for a while and luckily found TCC. So, hardcore collecting since about 3 years ago.
- Why do you collect? I love holding the game in my hands. Whether baseball, football, or even a lil basketball, it's awesome having these cards up close.
- What kind of collector are you? Player, team, set, general, etc. Right now I'm a bit of everything. I team collect Saints and Mets. I player collect Devery Henderson #19 WR of the Saints. I have about 30 autos of him right now. Plus I do some sets, Allen and Ginter since 2006, most Bowman Chrome/Draft and Prospects and Press Pass and Sage since 2006.
- What got you into collecting? The NY Mets - HEHEH, and friends up in Binghamton, NY, on Oak Street!
- What is your favorite piece? WOW, hmmm, right now my Devery Henderson SPA Patch auto. Why? He is my favorite player, nuff said!
- Dream card? Hmmm... David Wright, Gary Carter, Willy Mays, Casey Stangel Quad Patch Auto fold-out card.
- Best card you ever pulled? I only pull base!
- Any trading regrets? Trading a Jason Heyward X-Fractor for a Philip Humber auto... Yeh, don't ask hahahaa!
- If you could design a card, what would it be? Hmm, most likely a sweet Devery Henderson NFL Logo patch fold out with a Sweet Spot-type auto helmet on the other side. A 1/1 of course!
- What do loved ones think of your collecting? HA, they say "Isn't that for kids?" I show them what the box costs and they tell me I am crazy. But, they know I love it, and it help me beat some addictions in my life, so I'm happy with it, and they support it!
- What do you hope to do with your collection one day? Display it on a huge, huge, huge, huge display on my wall!
- Any other hobbies? Walking, computers, education, and reading. I also enjoy hanging out in coffee shops drinking a nice triple shot lattee with skim milk and sugar free syrup!
- Any other interests? I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I intend to change my life in the way of eating, living, and existing. I am educated about the disease, and I WILL BEAT IT! I have lost 30 lbs in 1.5 months on a new diet.
- Favorite movie? Probably "The Express" (Ernie davis Story), "The Blind Side" (Micheal Oher).
- Favorite band/song? Right now "Addicted" by Saving Abel, old Pantera, Niravana, techno, trance, etc. Music with a beat, that I can drive (Fast) to!
- Favorite food? Was sushi, but diabetes and carbs do not work. So, I guess steamed veggies on a nice spinach chicken wrap!
Johnny Number 5
you guys did an awsome job on this. i cant wait to check the video at home. Thanx tcc!
Mango-Man, I cannot think of a better choice!!

Welcome to the club!!!
Congrats Mango and welcome to the club!


Mango man. Good job. TCG!!!
very good, i love mango
Johnny Number 5

This is a great honor to be a part of this group. I hope i am here for many years to come!

I can't think of a more deserving member for this honor! I'm glad my favorite Mango is finally getting some respect. thumbsup.gif
Johnny Number 5
thannk you my friend. i really appreciate that!

Congrats J5!!!

Greatly deserved and a long time comming!!! Much deserved..

Congrats again


Well deserved.
Johnny Number 5
Congrats John smile.gif
Congrats John
2000 rushing yards
awesome job mango!!
Many more mangos heading your way...congrats!!!
Congrats to an important of our community!
congrats a very deserving choice!
Johnny Number 5
thanx guys, i do feel very honored here...I was and still am very humbled by this award.
Congrats and well-deserved! Nice video too!
Johnny Number 5
I had the neckbeard in that vid, now i have shaved!
Congrats on MOTM, Well deserved and a decent video too!
Congrats J5, way to represent all Mangos! thumbsup.gif
Johnny Number 5
yhaha im all about the fruit basket

Congrats on you winning memeber of the month. GOOD JOB
Johnny Number 5
thanx man
Congratulations John, you're a
tradin' maniac and a collector with
a great deal of knowledge.

Collect Hard!,
Johnny Number 5
QUOTE(RGBII @ May 5 2010, 08:04 PM)
Congratulations John, you're a
tradin' maniac and a collector with
a great deal of knowledge.

Collect Hard!,


Man they must be running out of people to give this too...
Im joking you know I love you Fam.. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johnny Number 5
ohmy.gif laugh.gif
Congrats bro!!!! Much deserved. A great trader and member of the community.
Conrats to the MANGOMAN. I can't think of a better member.
Thanks, Matt
Johnny Number 5
Thanx duder

we need another trade!

We have now seen it all TCC'ers.

Johnny Number 5
Fluke of the month!

Johnny Number 5
Lowballer of the Month!
Both of those fit you perfectly.

Cant forget Base Card King of the Year 2007, 2008, 2009.

Johnny Number 5
and 2010!

Congrats j5! You deserve it.
Johnny Number 5
Congrats to the Mango man!
Johnny Number 5
thanx again my friends. it has been a fun month!
Congrats my mango well deserved award!!!!
Johnny Number 5
Thanx dudes..

I wonder who won for May>?


Dude I just saw this!!! But congrats Johnny!
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