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Hey guys,

Welcome to 2nd month of the break of all breaks!

April Break can be found here:
Scans for April (Top 40 listed on frontpage, scans by member, on left toolbar)

We do it right here at SCGB.... Live Break, Dirt Cheap Prices, High-End Boxes, SAFE shipping, and EVERYTHING done on camera in plain view.

You will see everything happen just as it happens. No more mystery as to where that pack came from, what case that box came from, or wondering why the cards are not being opened in you, the viewer's, clearview. I know many people may not know me on here yet. But I have 242 all positive feedback on SCF, and 63+ all positive on eBay. So join with confidence!
Sports Card Forum Feedback

This is going to be a monthly break. I would love to have a regular group of guys that get together every month to do this, so we could all have a good time and get to know each other in the process, as we bust some high-end products and hope for some huge hits! I am going to make incentive for all the members that come back from month to month. You have first rights to retain your team from last month before anyone else AND you get to vote on the month at hand's boxes. Each month your team's price goes up $5. I have thought about this for a while, is a great and cheap way to retain your team, that at the same time adds money to the pot AND will play as the great equalizer. As it will eventually make the more sought after teams more expensive than the teams that are always hard to be filled. If our group sticks together for a year, and we make it to March 2011, then every teams price will be multiplied or divided by the same percent so that the sum of all teams equals the same $3200 that it did for the March 2009 break....

Deadline to tell me if you are retaining your team or team's for this month is April 24th, at 11:59 PM EST. Likewise, the deadline to get your votes in for what products we bust is due at the same time. You get to go on a virtual $3000 box/case shopping spree for every team that you retain from every month. If you own 3 teams, you can just ask that I count your list 3 times, or come up with 3 different lists. No preference from my end. This means that only the regulars get to vote on the boxes! If you would rather not vote, and trust my take, then I will just vote for you basing your vote off how I viewed the product selection from the previous month(s).

Voting Restrictions and Rules!!! : All products have to be from 2006-Present, hobby boxes/cases and must feature every team in them. No Cowboys only boxes or anything like that for example. If you want to vote on 30 different $100 boxes that is fine. If you want to vote on just two cases of something that costs $1500 that is fine, or if you want to vote for 40 of the same $75 box that is fine too. I just ask that you keep your votes to boxes with as LITTLE base as possible, and at least 2-3 hits, and products that are at least $60-70 in cost. Except if it's like a super high-end product like a Sterling, or Triple Threads, etc. When making your vote list, please use Atlanta Sports Cards or BlowoutCards as your price quoters.

IF YOU WERE NOT IN OUR BREAK THE MONTH BEFORE, AND WOULD LIKE TO VOTE ON THE PRODUCT FOR THIS MONTH'S BREAK, then I would need payment for one of the unclaimed teams plus your votes, by the April 24th deadline

Here is the list of teams from the month before, along with this month's pricing. If I do not here back from you by April 24th, then your team will come available at last month's price on a first-come,first-serve basis.

PARTICIPANTS with this month's prices:
(Green is paid, Blue is retained, Purple is new member, Bold is available)

49ers - J_dile34 ($125)
Bears - Hail24 ($115)
Bengals - AVAILABLE FOR $75
Bills - kpit1978 ($60)
Broncos - Doodaa24 ($125)
Browns - mattdile3 ($71)
Bucs - mattdile3 ($75)
Cardinals - Hail24 ($95)
Chargers - kencope ($65)
Chiefs - deantap ($75)
Colts - yodude91 ($125)
Cowboys - Hail24 ($120)
Dolphins - yodude91 ($120)
Eagles - kpit1978 ($120)
Falcons - AtlantaSportsCards ($125)
Giants - kpit1978 ($100)
Jaguars - AVAILABLE FOR $75
Jets - mattdile3 ($115)
Lions - Hail24 ($125)
Packers - chadb1733 ($125)
Panthers - road_runner_1964 ($75)
Patriots - kencope ($65)
Raiders - Hail24 ($100)
Rams - kpit1978 ($70)
Ravens - mattdile3 ($70)
Redskins - kencope ($65)
Saints - AtlantaSportsCards ($110)
Seahawks - AVAILABLE FOR $75
Steelers - mattdile3 ($77)
Texans - AVAILABLE FOR $75
Titans - mattdile3 ($75)
Vikings - mattdile3 ($120)
=$2708 total before paypal fees/shipping fees
=$2633.56 FOR PRODUCT

CURRENT PRODUCT LIST!! (More products will be added as more teams are purchased!):

2006 National Treasures (x2)

2007 Exquisite (x2)

2008 National Treasures

2009 Exquisite (x2)

Current Total for all 4 years = $2700

Next on the list with more teams purchased!:
2009 National Treasures
2006 Ultimate
2008 Triple Threads

THIS BREAK IS GUARANTEED TO RUN! So join with confidence! Product list will just be adjusted off of how many participants we get.

This is going to be one sick break. Here are some final break clarifications, so everything is pre-decided to prevent any arguments:

I am TAKING NO PROFIT ON THIS BREAK whatsoever. . All money collected goes straight to product (minus $5 each for shipping, $1 additional for each extra team) All I ask is that you guys cover the PayPal fees. So send as a "Personal" PayPal payment such as "Payment Owed", cover the fees on Regular paypal, or pay through the mail in a Money Order.

---Any hits from leftover teams or non-football cards (if any) will be randomized between everyone in the break on a 1-chance-for-every-team-taken basis. If you have 2 teams in the break, you have 2 chances at the randomized card, and so on. Once a card from an unclaimed team is pulled, I will pick a name out of a hat, right on the spot to choose who claims that card. That name will stay out of the hat until all names are picked or until there are no hits left.
---Multi-Player/team cards will be randomized based on a 1 chance-per- player/team-represented-on-the-card basis... If it is a triple auto, and you own 2 of the players on the card, and John Doe owns 1, then you have a 2:1 chance of getting it compared to his 1:2 chance. If it is a dual, then it is randomized between the 2 people who own the represented teams. If one team is owned, and one team is NOT owned, then the card gets randomized between the Owned team and a piece of paper stating "Unclaimed teams". If unclaimed wins, then the card is treated just like any other card from an Unclaimed team.
---COLLEGE UNIFORM/Unique Uniform RULES.... If a ROOKIE CARD is pulled of a player out of his NFL uniform then the card goes to the team he was drafted by. If a card is pulled of a Hall of Famer/Legend in his college uniform, then the card goes to the team he played the majority of his career on. If a card is pulled of a current non-rookie NFL player then the card goes to the team he currently plays for.
---Because I am paying for shipping myself, base will not be sent unless requested. It's no problem if you want it, just let me know, as most people joining high-end group breaks don't care about base anyway. I just ask that you throw me a few bucks to ship the base as it itll weigh the bubble mailer down. The only product that features a good amount of base anyway is SP Authentic, all other products should feature it pretty sparatically.
---The break will be LIVE on Ustream. Videos will be recorded and then posted to Youtube

PayPal Address and Email Address is:

Any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to let me know!

Thanks a lot!

back with the pack
I am in with just the Patriots. Dropping the Jaguars and Panthers.
List Updated.... We now have some great teams available, as well as some great value teams floating around for dirt cheap!!!!

Steelers - $120
Ravens - $115
Saints - $110
Chargers - $95
Redskins - $90
Panthers - $90
Jaguars - $75
Seahawks - $75
Bengals - $65
Bills - $60

When are payments due, I may be interested in the steelers
If you would like to have a say in voting on the Products then I need it by the 24th.... If you could care less, then I would need it by the 27th...
Can i have the eagles?
Yeah sure. It's funny, as soon as I drop them they get claimed! I offered them around last month, but no one wanted them, but we're glad to have you bwaggy. They are a very solid team. DeSean, McCoy and Maclin are great RC possibilities all around!

If you want to vote on the products for this month, then I am going to need your payment by the 24th being you are a new member.

Eagles now available!
Are the 49ers confirmed?
Mike.... Not yet. Jay has until the 24th to tell me if he is coming back or not. At that point if he doesn't choose to keep them, then they are available on a first come first serve basis.

However if anyone confirmed back already would luck to trade teams that is more than plenty allowed.
Now taking Members for our monthly break for any of the Bold Teams!!! Whether you want to just join for this month, or become part of a regular great break, there are 12 teams now available!!
Josh at AtlantaSportsCards isn't available to post yet, so he retains the Falcons for the month, drops the Texans, and picks up the Saints!

12 Teams Remain!
Check some of the available teams, there are some great teams left!!! Some of the teams are just at AMAZING value too considering how much they cost and what they can yield! Let's get some new members in here!
Looking for new members, anyone want to join?
hey matt, i'll take the bills. will let you know fri. or sat. which teams i'm retaining.
hey matt, i'm back with the rams, giants and will pick up the bills this month. i'm dropping the browns and chiefs.
Matt, give me the Browns.
Hey guys!

Just got back from NC! Awesome trip... Can't wait to spend the next 4 years or so there...

Let me get settled in, and I'll tally up all the boxes for the votes and post an update as soon as I can.

Thanks for everything fellas.

Matt, roll me in with the Panthers as well.
QUOTE(road_runner_1964 @ Apr 25 2010, 11:32 AM)
Matt, roll me in with the Panthers as well.

i was wondering when someone was going to get around to the panthers. it's going to be strange with the new product coming out to see people actually wanting to get the panthers.
All Team Affiliations Updated!! Thanks a lot for joining Bob!

Alright so the product list is up everyone. Not going to lie, it is currently pretty weird. Don't think it is finalized though! As more teams are purchased over the next week, more products are added!
This is the product list as spoken by you the people. I just took everyone that voted, tallied up the votes, and listed the boxes as the numbers shown. I guess after last month, people had some favorites from the boxes!

But no worries. Those boxes are done. Their limits are basically capped at 2. The next box to be added to the list is 2008 NT (2008 is currently non-represented!), followed by 2007 NT, and 2006 Ultimate....

Oh and another thing. THe product list may seem pretty small right now with only 6 boxes, but that is because we are sitting currently with only $2070 total collected. Last month we had slightly over $3000.... Subsequently, I have pushed back the break a week. I just don't feel like the product list is currently as balanced and quality as it was last month. Don't get me wrong, I love all 3 products. 06 NT was 2006's best product, and 07 Exquisite is arguably 2007's best. And I personally love 09 Exquisite, as I think we knocked it out of the park with our box last month.

So it just makes sense to push it back a weekend. We now have a week from Tonight at 11:59 to fill some more spots with some new members, and we can add that 08 NT, and possibly 07 NT and 06 Ultimate to our list! 08 Triple Threads would be the final box added, but I'm not sure if we would have enough money to add that! We would need to fill up all 12 remaining team slots!

Thanks guys!

Give me the Cardinals to Matt thanks
Good Call Chris.... With Leinart in 06, and Wells in 09, Cardinals shape up really well for the break!

Who else wants to join up... I just did the calculations... If all 12 remaining teams are filled, we will add these boxes.

2006 Ultimate Collection
2007 National Treasures
2008 National Treasures
2008 Triple Threads
i like all the products listed myself but i think we may be limiting ourselves this way to new members. perhaps we shoud put some additional rules in place next month to make sure of more variety in the break. i would like to see all years represented in the break (06-10) and a more balanced budget by year with the exception of 2010 which i would like to see represented but obviously doesn't have the same kind of products available.
i'd like to see us using the nt and exq. as our base products (switching between the two month to month) with only one of these high-end products represented in each year with one or two mid range products (black, premier, ultimate etc.) sprinkled in each year as the budget allows with any extra funds going towards additional high-end boxes when possible.
basically i think that the kind of line-up we had first time around is the best way to ensure everybody a good chance at some cards and will help to keep current members happy as well as ensuring to attract new members to the group.

I don't disagree at all... The only reason, 2010 wasn't represented was because the only person to vote for a 2010 product, was well, yourself. And that's not a problem at all! I just think people are going to wait for the more NFL licensed products to come out before we get a lot of votes for 2010 stuff... People just would rather see some earlier products busted than a box of Press Pass or Sage for the most part ya know?
And the only reason that 2008 hasn't been represented for this break yet, was because all the votes were spread out for 2008.

And a big reason that the boxes were not as diverse this month as they were last month, is because I didn't receive votes from all the returning members. Only some of the guys coming back, sent me their votes. Which isn't a big deal. It's alright. I think this month should yield some huge stuff still. Seems like this month is a little bit more high-end then last month. So there may not be as many Bowman Sterling simple GU, and no-name autos to go around, but the quality should be up!
there's no doubt these are great products but how would you like to be the guy holding the $125 a month falcons with no 08 products in the mix? or for that matter who's going to pick up the ravens when the best rookie available is oher? i just think with such a limited line-up we're going to have alot of unclaimed teams as they're not fairly represented.
Yeah, that could happen. The good thing is, all hits from unclaimed hits will be randomed just like last month. The bengals were the only unclaimed team last month, and they yielded like 7 hits which were randomized around. And 2008 NT, and 2008 TTT will be added if we could fill up the break. So those are 2 very solid 2008 boxes.... I plan on picking up a team or two towards the end of the week, to help push this along. I guarantee we will fill up enough to get at least 2 or 3 more boxes added to the break... It will be solid as promised. And if teams stay unclaimed. That's not a bad thing. That just means more hits for all us members already involved, because if we miss with our purchased teams, then we all haev a shot at the hits from the unclaimed teams....
well i'm going to start off the push for 08 products by taking the eagles.
I am with Kevin, I definately like the idea of a box of NT or Exquisite for every year and then fill in the rest with mid range boxes like TTT, Ultimate, UD Black, Absolute, and other products like that. Don't get me wrong I am excited for the break this month because I know more spots will fill and I love highend product but I just don't want to see people get shut out and not want to come back next month. I especially wish we weren't voting out the TTT boxes this month because last month the 2 boxes we got were huge but I also know it could be totally opposite this month. We all know it is just a gamble anyway I would just like to get a nice group of people together that wanted to be in every month with their teams and have some fun breaking some highend. All of the other highend monthly group breaks have the same members almost every month with a few newbies here and there and that is where I hope this monthly break gets to. Well Matt just wanted to let you know my opinion. I do agree with you though if the other teams don't fill in there should be some real good hits to random this month. Well can't wait for the break lets hope we fill so we can get some more boxes to bust.
Kevin and Chris,

Thanks a lot for everything guys. I'm glad we found some regulars in you too. I appreciate you picking up the Eagles Kev. I was going to take them at the end of the week if they were still there, but I'd much rather see someone besides me take a good team like the Eagles.

Yeah I totally agree Chris. I definitely plan on this becoming a regular monthly thing. I think we are getting a solid nucleus of guys together, and I can only hope we pick up about 3 or 4 more guys who come back every month! I'm sure when people see our breaks and the huge cards that we are yielding that people will come flocking to join these! That's the goal at least.

For now with the purchase of the Eagles, that will add a box of 2007 Absolute to te list. But again, as more money is added to the pot, the boxes will upgrade until we have enough for the 2008 NT and then after that we will work towards the 2007 NT
No problem Matt just glad to be in a nice highend monthly break.
Yeah I really think this is turning into a great monthly thing. I just want some more product added to the break, so lets hope more teams are purchased!

I'd really like to get some new members in the break so all our current regulars aren't feeling the pressure to pick up more teams! It'll all work out in the end though
....and don't forget that Hi-End product SPx....biggrin.gif
Bob, just feel free to get in your votes for what boxes you want next month! I'd love to get a lot of opinions in, so we can get one product list, hopefully loved by all!
Anyone know of any new members we could possibly recruit in here?
These forums have seemed pretty quiet lately, but I'd still like to get in the ballpark of 25 filled spots!
A couple more slots to be filled would be great.
Due to personal reasons, Bob is going to have to drop his slots for this month, but hopefully he will be back in the near future!

That opens up the Browns, Panthers, and Patriots!

With that said, there are some great opportunities here now!

Bengals - $70
Browns - $100
Bucs - $85
Chargers - $95
Chiefs - $70
Jaguars - $80
Panthers - $100
Patriots - $100
Ravens - $115
Redskins - $90
Seahawks - $80
Steelers - $120
Texans - $75
Titans - $120

Let's get some Friday Morning bump and hope for some entrants

I've been seeing so many breaks not filling lately. THIS BREAK IS GUARANTEED TO RUN!

The beauty of this break is that every month we will run the break whether all 32 teams are taken, 31 teams are taken (like last month), or 18 teams are taken (our current number). We just adjust our product list based off of how much money we collect as a group.

So let's get more people to join this break, so we can add some MORE SWEET boxes to the break, and pull some HUGE stuff!

Keep the members joining fellas!
payment sent for my teams.
Got it Kevin!

Still looking for some payments, and last minute members!
Alright fellas, we have reached that time again!

Unfortunately, we had only 18 teams purchased up front for this month. No big deal, that's still a lot. More random teams, to act as safety teams for the rest of us! Less teams purchased equals more hits to be randomed off, and I know the randoms helped a lot of guys breaks out last month!

Therefore it's time to get ALL PAYMENTS in, and take SILENT BIDS for the remaining teams. No exceptions, I need ALL payments within the next 2 days. At 2:00 on Wednesday, I will post all results from the Silent Bids, and I'm gonna need people to get those payments in ASAP, so the boxes can go out on Thursday.

Minimum bids for any team will be $65, with maximum being as much as you want. At Wednesday at 2:00, the results will be posted, with the highest bid getting the team (But much like eBay, if you bid $90, and the next highest is $80, you'll get the team for $85)

So let's see some bids, and hopefully add another box or two to the break!

Thanks guys,

Just a clarification.... You can get these silent bid teams for DIRT cheap. Last month, the Bills, Rams and Chiefs all went via Silent Bid and some AWESOME stuff was pulled for the money. You may not get a shot at the randoms for a silent bid team, but you still have a shot at some awesome teams!

That is how it works though. If you buy a silent bid team, you don't get a shot at the randoms for it, but you still get all the cards pulled for your team. This is done as a way to try and get more full priced teams purchased!
Looking for some more silent bids right now, only a few teams have bids on them!!!
Just another clarification.... Ken brought up a very good point.

ANY CARD that has ANY player featured on it of your team, you get a chance of. For example, if you pick up the bengals via silent bid, and an Ochocinco/TO Dual auto is pulled. You have a shot at it. You just don't get a shot at any of the cards for the unclaimed teams. (Last month only 1 team went unclaimed) And the way that silent bids are coming in now, there shouldn't be that many unclaimed teams. This is done just an incentive to get more full price purchased teams. It's a little perk.

So again. if four teams go unclaimed and you pick up a silent bid team. You get all the cards of the team you buy, and a shot at all the dual/triple cards with a player from that team it. You just don't get a shot at any of the leftover cards from the remaining teams!

Thanks guys,

Payment sent Matt. Looking forward to the break.

List adjusted! Any other silent bids in before tomorrow's deadline!

We need all payments in tomorrow if we are looking to break this weekend! Otherwise, as much as I would crigne to do it, we might have to break during the week next week!
Come on guys lets break this weekend or I else I might miss if if we have it during the week.
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