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Full Version: Has anyone ever received a GU/AU NPN from Topps?
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I have done NPN's for about a year now and I noticed that UD rarely sends out NPN's, but the ones that they do send out are GU/AU. While Topps seems to send out a lot of NPN's but I have only got inserts. I thought for the NPN program you were supposed to get the same odds to receive a certain card as you would if you bought a pack of the product. Has anyone else noticed this before?
Yes, I have recieved GU, Autos & GU w/ Autos from Topps in the past. However, nothing like that in quite a while. From Topps Retired Signature Baseball, a few years ago, I rec'd a Dale Murphy on card auto. The card was encased plastic. I still have that one. From Topps Pristine, I received a Curt Schilling sticker auto w/ a piece of GU road jersey. Not a Schilling fan, I put that on eBay with a $60 BIN and it went in 30 mins. I guess I should have asked for more.
I have, but not in a LONG time. I do better with those with NPNs from UD.
Unfortunately I haven't gotten an auto from Topps in a while. I really only get good cards from Panini. Upper Deck has been dry for me except when I have a damaged card case with them. That is why I make sure to max out with my Panini NPN's of 2 each household.
i got one from ud that was a antonio gate gu but thats it
Topps used to be real good when this first started, as not many people knew and they sent gu all the time. The last 4-5 years I have seen mostly inserts, but on occassion you get an auto or gu, just depends on the set and the odds. I think they probably realized they are giving the farm away and cut back what they are giving in NPNs. I seem to do better with their higher-end products where the odds are 1 per pack, but I have not gotten anything great in a while. The last GU I received I want to say was Wrestling related.

UD went downhill for me when they went to the online offering. I have hardly gotten anything from the program now.

Paninni (Donruss, etc) was also better years ago, now all I seem to get is inserts/parallels when I send in.

Wish I would get some good stuff on my latest entries.
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I don't think I have ever gotten any GU/autos from topps. I think all of the NPN companies has gone downhills in terms of getting stuff over the past year.
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