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Full Version: TCC Wacky Waxbustin' Weekend!
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I don't know if I will bust anything or not.

My birthday is the week after next and I will be opening one or two hobby boxes then, so I might not bust any blasters.
I'm only going to be able to participate on Saturday, having family over for Easter Sunday. Saw the Base Exchange got some 2010 Topps Heritage in stock, may purchase a few more packs.
I will be bustin a box of 07 Prospects Plus. I will do this break probably late on Sunday night live on ustream. I will post pics along with a link to the video after Im done.
I think we're going to need a brand new thread for the box busting itself, what say you all?
QUOTE(sahetu @ Mar 30 2010, 08:02 PM)
I think we're going to need a brand new thread for the box busting itself, what say you all?

Depends on how many members are participating.
I'm IN! Just picked up a box of 2010 Press Pass Football to join the fun.
I wish I could participate, but spent my money on some Donald Brown singles... I wish everyone luck on their boxes ,and if you pull a nice Donald Brown or a Donald Brown in general please contact me. Thanks!
I've got some old school stuff ready that I mentioned plus some Non-Sport stuff I just got. I"m tempted to open the Non-Sport stuff now, the other stuff has been sitting around for a while. I was going to go into detail of where I got the stuff but I'll wait for that when I bust the stuff. Anyway my stuff.

1990 Fleer Football
1991 Pro-Set Football

1991-92 Upper Deck Hockey

Inkworks Catwoman Movie
Inkworks Family Guy Episode IV A New Hope (Star Wars Parody "Blue Harvest")
I hope I can find a LCS that still carries some 08/09 Legends Masterpieces HKY if not I may just have to pick up a blaster at Wal-Mart...
I'm in.........I've got FIVE boxes so far!!!!!

are we doing them individually, in a special thread, and/or by sport????
Agreed that we need a special thread.

I've got 3 boxes:

1993 Studio Baseball (aka, the best base set ever)
1999 HoloGrFx Football (so shiny you better wear sunglasses)
Rittenhouse Quotable Deep Space Nine (1 auto and 2 costume cards for $40)
Well, I don't have the required superpowers to make another stickied thread..
Well, if I get some Paypal payments that are due, I will try and get a box of 2010 Finest, since I have had the "bad luck" to get the Finest Rookie Redemption #10 in 08 and 09 (Oh, yeah Joba Auto in 08 and Hanson Auto in 09)
If not, I have a retail box of 1999 Ovation that's been sitting around since 1999 biggrin.gif I haven't busted it, since I pulled a Chipper Auto out of the box I did open. (long gone) I do have a bunch of 1999 ovation cards and inserts.
I'm in! I got a box of 2010 Topps Series 1 and a blaster of 09-10 Champs Hockey.
Thankfully Andy, I do have the required super-powers

Please post all breaks in the official pinned thread in the box breaks forum. I will un-pin this planning thread now.
I have picked up a box of 2002-03 Donruss Estrallas baseball to bust.

Have several blaster boxes ready to go. Thank you Kmart!!!!

And I won $100 on a scratch ticket today, so off to the Crack store tomorrow to pick out something. If he has 2009 Bowman Jumbo at $59, that is what I am getting. If not, Finest seems to be the way to go.
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