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Full Version: Congrats to our January 2010 MOTM
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Congratulations to our dear friend Peter for being selected as TCC Member of the Month for January 2010!

His hard and dilligent work here at TCC especially his annual awards program often go unappreciated , but not this year!

Here is a little Jaderock Bio for you all!

Peter is 41 years young

He attended SFSU earning a BS in Accounting (good luck with that) laugh.gif

He is married and has 2 mini turtles (Names are Big and Little).

He has been a resident of San Francisco his whole life!

His Occupation is Retail Management lifer (with Toy r Us, Walgreens and Target); former IRS agent (short lived... 6 months straight out of graduation)

He showed Mario Suwendy and his lovely bride around the city of the golden gate for their honeymoon and offered to give me the nickel tour time permitting late last year and I promise I will get him next time around since i was only there for 48 hours total!

Peter has been collecting since 1978! (good year that was Topps and more Topps)

Peter was a huge 49ers fan growing up that mustve been special watching Joe and Steve and Jerry and such. His Favorite sport however is Basketball and the Warriors.

Peter has attended baseball and football games Live in person but prefers watching on TV....if wrestling is a sport, then I love wrestling live when I'm have ringside tickets. (Who wouldnt)

As many of you know Peter has a one track mind when it comes to his personal collection Brunell!! laugh.gif But is there a possible chink in that Armor??

I asked the green shaded Rock this question.. Where would your collection focus head or morph into? He answered Brunell only..when I stop with Brunell, there will no longer be a jaderock presence. Only possible exception is if another iconic figure such as Yao Ming came along. (Now there is some possibility?)

I asked Peter what else he likes to do when not scouring the Bay for Brunells?

Followed wrestling since 1976...we can debate about it for hours as I'm very opinionated on the subject. (Oh I cant wait.. can we put theat in the politics section?)

I also like Asian drama series (Korean and Hong Kong such as Jewel in the Palace and Queen Seon Duk)

Finally I asked Peter if he had any last minute advice or words of wisdom.. All I got was this gem!

Free shipping for any TCC buyers from my ebay store!

and There you have it folks! TCC One and Only JADEROCK!

One of my favorite people here at TCC and this months Member of the Month
congrats peter. toot.gif clapping.gif jade- rockon.gif
No doubt about that! Peter aka JadeRock deserves this award without a question asked. His Brunell Collection is to amazing to pass up, and his personallity is one of the reasons he makes TCC a better place. Way to go! thumbsup.gif!
Congratulations, Peter.

Nice work and lots of it on the
2009 Annual Awards.

Thanks & Collect Hard!,
Great work Peter -- definitely well-deserved!
Congratulations, Peter. Way more than deserving. Your efforts to the TCC community are un-measurable and go un-noticed at times. Thank you for your time and effort, your generosity and your friendship. I am honored to have your acquaintance. Congrats, again.

Mr. 264
Congrats Peter!!
Congrats Peter - an awesome member of TCC.
Gforce083 crazy! Congrats on the nod! Why did you start collecting Brunell anyways?
Congrats Peter! Very well deserved honor. Glad to see a fellow rasslin' fan getting some pub. smile.gif
Congrats Peter, well deserved smile.gif
2000 rushing yards
congrats pete on the award! very well deserved clapping.gif
Congrats Peter
Congrats Peter. smile.gif
Congrats Peter, very well deserved!
Congrats Peter!!

Def well deserved!!!

Congrats on the long overdue award!!
Congrats man! Did I know you were in the SF Bay Area, by the way? We'll have to hit the TriStar show and go Brunell/Amey hunting!
Thanks all...I've never done a show!
Congrats Peter!!!! Much deserved!!!!

congrats pt great bio
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