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Full Version: NPN Time Limit?
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I've just been reading up on NPN's on this topic for the first time. Can anyone tell me if the card companies have a time limit after a procuct comes out for sending out cards from that product? Thanks
I'm not aware of a time limit, it's usually just until they run out of stock for the NPN offer.
Topps usually has a time limit that your entry needs to be postmarked by.

Upper Deck ??? not really for sure.

This site has the postmark by dates on it.
Donruss also has date limits.
Topps and Donruss puts dates your NPN must be postmarked by. UD doesn't, so the smart thing to do is send NPNs to UD pretty quickly after release, before they run out of any holdbacks for NPNs. If you go to, they detail all this out.
Topps has a time limit of about 2 months from release date based on the Topps Football pack in front of me. The product came out a few weeks ago and the date is October 11, 2006.

Donruss has a time limit as well.

UD no time limit, but it is probably better to enter early with the way they are mailing cards out recently. From some of the posts on here it is sounding like if you are getting something you will get it within a few months of product release.
I have been doing the NPNs for over a year now - sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason to Upper Deck's protocol.... Donruss Leaf Playoff has some great "hits" available thru their NPN program...Same with Topps (Especially the high end products like Finest and Bowman Sterling) I also belive UD will send out random NPN cards to people with outstanding redemptions due to them. I received a Sweet Spot Signatures auto Chris Heintz 49/50 yesterday for no reason other than I have 3 UD hockey redemption autos that are approaching a year without being fulfilled.
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