I need the following players. The /# next to the name is the highest # I can use IE Bettis /200 means cards numbered to 200 or less . All cards must be in Steelers uniform. No college

Bettis /200 steelers uniform only
Big Ben /1000
Bradshaw /1000
Polamalu /500
Willie Parker /200
Mendenhall /500.
Ward /200
Holmes /200
Stallworth /1000
Greenwood /1000
Pretty much any of the 70's guys /1000
I can also use any of the multiple player inserts from ses like Classics as long as they are all steelers on the card.

My offerings can be found in scans in my various threads
I will trade GU/AU for inserts as long as it makes sense.
If you have something to offer, send it via PM please and make sure I have something you want.