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Football Autos
08 SP Auth. Antoine Cason(SD)
08 SP Auth. Frank Okam(Texans)
08 SP Auth. Demario Pressley(NO)
08 SP Auth. Calais Campbell(Ari)
08 SP Auth. Justin King(St.L)
07 SP Auth. Thomas Clayton(SF)
08 SP Chirography Michael Griffin(Titans)
08 SP Chirography Jeff Rowe(Cin)
07 SP Chiro. Reggie Nelson
07 SP Chiro. D.Wynn
08 Bow. Sterling RC Auto D.Harvey
05 UD Kickoff C.Fason NFL Sigs.
07 Topps Chrome J.Higgens
06 Topps Paradigm Dual Jersey Auto M.Stovall
08 SP Rook. Ed. Dorian Bryant
04 Leaf Rooks & Stars Drew Carter(Panthers)
08 Topps Chrome Allen Patrick
08 Bow. Ster. Jacob Hester
07 Bow. Ster. Thomas Clayton(49ers)
07 UD Triology David Irons(Atl)
06 Don. Threads Rookie Johnathan Joseph # to 100
08 Spx Rookie Geno Hayes
06 Finest Blue W.Lundy # to 299
06 Grid Gear W.Lundy
06 SP Auth. Willie Reid
06 UD Sig. Rookie Update Gerald Riggs Jr.
07 Topps Exclusive A.Pittman
08 Spx Sam Baker
07 SP Chiro. Leon Hall
07 Abs. Quintin Moses
08 Score Sel. Kevin Robinson
06 Hot Prospects W.Justice
07 Topps DDP Paul Williams
08 Bow. Sterl. Musa Smith(Ravens)
06 Topps Chrome Travis Wilson(Browns)
07 Topps Chrome Leon Hall(Bengals)
06 Topps All-American Earl Morrall(Mich. St.)-$25(need old timer back)
02 Leaf Cert. Mirror Sig. Blue P.Simms-$60(looking for an old timer auto back)
02 Leaf Cert. Mirror Sig. Red E.James # to 50-$60
99 SP Auth Player's Ink D.Culpepper-$50

Football Game Used
06 Turkey Red S.Jackson Black # to 99 Jersey
08 UD Rookie Jersey Glenn Dorsey
06 UD Future Star Materials Jersey J.Norwood
06 Ultra Postseason Perf. Urlacher Jersey
06 Threads Urlacher Ball #250
08 UD Game Jersey T.Edwards
07 Spx Win. Mat. M.Lynch
07 Spx Win. Mat. 2 color Dual Portis
08 Absolute Jersey James Hardy
08 Absolute Jersey E.Doucett III Jersey
07 Artifacts T.Gonzalez Jersey # to 75
06 Topps Grid Coll. M.Williams Jersey
08 Absolute Star Gazing D.Avery # to 250
08 Leaf R & S Freshman Jersey G.Dorsey
06 Bowman FOTF S.Moss Jersey
08 Topps Pat Williams Jersey(Vikings)
07 Press Pass # to 50 2 color Sat. Swatch Lendale White(USC)
08 UD Icons D.McFadden Jersey Future Star
08 Don. Classics Sun. Best D.Bowe
09 Topps Career Best William Moore
07 Bow. Ster. G.Wolfe
08 Topps RP V.Young
08 Topps RP Jacob Hester Rookie
08 Leaf Rooks & Stars L.Maroney
06 Prestige Matt Leinhart
02 Fleer Yard Markers Ricky Williams
08 LCM Fresh. Fab. Jersey Early Ducett III
08 LCM Fresh. Fab. Jersey Andre Caldwell # to 100
06 Topps DDP Jersey A.Johnson Upperclassmen
07 Topps DDp Standouts D.Bowe Jersey
07 Sweet Spot Joe Thomas Jersey
07 Spx Win. Mat. Joe Thomas Jersey
07 Bow. FOTF D.Jarrett Jersey
07 Topps Paradigm Port. T.Wilson Dual(1 is Orange/Brown/Orange)
07 UD Rookie Jersey D. Jarrett
06 Bowman Sterling Travis Wilson Jersey
04 UD Game Jersey Andre Johnson Jersey
08 UD Icons Future Star Mat. Jersey E.Doucet
08 UD Game Jersey S.Rice
05 B.Best Rook Jersey B.Edwards # to 799
05 B.Best Rook Jersey J.Campbell # to 799
07 Topps Jersey R.Meachem
07 Leaf Roks & Stars C.Palmer Jersey
08 Topps Rp Jersey C.Henne
09 Don. Elite Zoning Comm. Jersey W.Welker # to 299
05 Ultra # to 99 Jersey Scoring Kings C.Portis(Redskins)
07 LCM Freshman Fabric M.Bush
08 Spx Triple # to 50(2 Orange/1 white)Jerome Simpson
04 Fleer Sweet Sigs Jersey # to 244 A.Toomer
06 Leaf R & Stars T.Barber Jersey
06 Ultra Scoring Kings T.Barber Jersey
01 SP Game Used Jason Sehorn Jersey
08 Topps RP Jersey A.Gates
06 Prestige Pros K.Colbert Jersey
03 Ultra Jersey Award Winners C.Pennington
08 Abs. Rook. Prem. Mat. Ball with writing/Jersey Dexter Jackson# to 100
01 Priv. Stock W.Moon Jersey(Chiefs)
05 UD Future Legends Gore Jersey
05 Playoff Honors Gore Rookie Gems RG-212
03 Fleer Trad. E.Campbell Jersey
07 Ultra Paydirt Jersey Brian Westbrook
07 UD Game Jersey McNabb
02 Grid. Kings Grid Cut Coll. McNabb Ball GC-91
02 Grid. Kings Grid Cut Coll.Tony Gonzalez Jersey GC-74
02 Grid. Kings Grid Cut Coll.T.Holt Jersey GC-76
02 Grid. Kings Grid Cut Coll.J.Seau Jersey GC-88
02 Grid. Kings Grid Cut Coll. R.Lewis Jersey GC-90
02 Grid. Kings Grid Cut Coll. E.McCaffrey GC-80
06 Topps Hert. Flash Backs Bednarik Stad. Seat(Shibe Park)

Sorry, I don't own a scanner. I collect old timer autos/game used
and game used of current Packers/Cowboys/Eagles/Steelers/Phillies
and others.Thanks
Hello again, would you happen to have any percy harvin, austin collie, or donald brown cards? I have alot of cards that I can trade that I believe you would like.

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