This past Monday, Lawler was wearing a "Lawler for Mayor" tshirt on RAW. Well the final results were:

Jerry Lawler finished fifth in yesterday's Memphis mayoral race.

As expected, A.C. Wharton scored an overwhelming win, capturing 62% of the vote.

Lawler finished with 4,044 votes, or 4%. He had received 12% of the vote in the 1999 election.

Mayor Totals -- 227 of 227 precincts reporting (100%)
A C Wharton, Jr. 65,491 60%
Myron Lowery 19,625 18%
Carol Chumney 10,857 10%
Charles Carpenter 5,181 5%
Jerry Lawler 4,044 4%
Kenneth Twigg Whalum, Jr. 2,094 2%

Not sure of Memphis politics, but for 4,000 people to vote for Lawler is scary.