Help us Help you
ways to make our tasks easier

Support your local Sheriff wink.gif, well ok not really as we would rather not play that role unless necessary. Help the CZT Team help you guys out.

Some things that would make life easier on us with your transactions:

1. Be specific in your transaction threads that are ready to be closed. If you have rec'd your end, posts like "close" "done" etc. don't really tell us you have rec'd, please take the time to be more specific so we don't have to ask you to update and we can just close it and be done with it, and you don't have to be bugged by us again on it.

2. If asked a simple question in your transaction thread, please answer the question instead of having to be asked same things multiple times. It is annoying to have to ask the same thing over and over and not get an answer until person is threatened with actions against them.

3. Update thread if any changes happen, or if something in life comes up and your end is not going out as planned . Things happen, that is understandable, but let the person know and us also. Also if transaction gets modified it needs to be posted and both parties need to post they agree to the changes.

4. Post specifics in thread:

When you are sending.
If someone is sending first or payment to be rec'd before cards shipped.
How being sent if not the normal bubble mailer (PWE, insured, etc..)
If DC# is being used, please post that in the thread so we can track it also if necessary.

5. If you are not in the transaction then stay out of the transaction thread. Any concerns or things you think are helpful please just PM that to one of CZT instead of bashing someone in a thread that is not yours. It is between the two parties and the CZT to hash out, others chimming in is of no help at all.

6. Don't post multiple transactions for same transaction, trying to boost your transaction count is frowned apon. Be it both parties writing one up for same one, or doing another one 5 minutes or even a day later- If they shipping together in package, then they are one transaction, so just modify the first transaction to show the changes and other party need to confirm (exceptions would be for breaks as they need to be documented separately from each other).

Posting etiquette and other items (let us enjoy the site and not have to play the police):

1. Be creative with your "Bumps", 1-2 word posts and things like "to the top" "bump it up" etc... are frowned on and get removed, also please limit it to once a day at the most. In my opinion (and others feel same) if I go into a topic and the last 5+ posts are by the topic starter I don't even bother to look thru their list/bucket as they appear impatient (same as if they bump it 3-4 times a day). As it sends out a "red flag" as many times folks like that turn into "trading headaches" or are very difficult people to work with on trades, so many of us won't even bother with the thread or look for cards to trade. Remember first impressions count when one can't look at the person as it's the only thing one can go with (well ok and one's gut).

2. Be nice to each other out there on the boards. If you don't get along with someone don't talk to them. If someone offers you an unrealistic trade/sale, just politely say "no thanks" and move on. Mud slinging and other things like that go nowhere and almost always escalate from there.

3. Don't try to boost your post count. Posting of pointless things or quoting someone w/o posting a comment of some sort, is well "pointless" wink.gif. There are plenty of places to post positive things around the site: Birthdays, Anniversarys, Introduction threads, Box Breaks, Pack Pulls etc.... Be a Positive of this site (applies to #2 above also).

Thank you ahead of time for this, as we would like to spend more of our time enjoying the site as you are able to, instead of dealing with the same issues multiple times over and over again.

Your CZT Team smile.gif