I opened a box of 2009 Bowman Baseball yesterday. Timing was important on my hobby box, and just shows God's Perfect timing. I bought the box on Monday after finding no Memorial Day deals, and pulled a David Hernandez XFractor Autograph the night of his major league Debut. Before I purchased the box his autos were selling for about $20.00 with shipping and that evening Hernandez pitched an awesome game and the value soared into the mid $30.00 range. That was just a part of the box.

In the very first pack I pulled a Blue Chrome Refractor of Nino Leyja, a prospect in the A's system. I have never pulled a colored refractor before. Only base refractors. The refractor was numbered /150. I really was enjoying myself when I noticed all the World Baseball Classic RC's inserted inside! This was an added bonus as I believe that Razor has been taking away all the hot prospects. In my box I only pulled a few #1 draft picks and a lot of them were #8 or even as low as a 30th pick. Not the usual with Bowman. So I think Razor has cut into Bowman's Profit Margins a little bit.

David Price was few and far between but I did pull a Kila Ka'aihue RC which Topps billed as a hot rookie in '09. Chrome cards were as usual, guys I have never heard about and had to read the back to figure out who they were. Overall I love the design of 2009 Bowman Chrome. The Parallel to the 2009 Topps Set was a winner and I was blessed with a very solid box.

Thanks for your reviews of this product. I wonder if I have shared similar experiences with anyone.