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Full Version: 2009 Topps Magic 8 Box Break, 41.00
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Box 1

Box 2

Box 3

Box 4

Box 5

Box 6

Box 7

Box 8

3 Autographs Per box, 11 Inserts Per Box for a total of 24 Autographs and 88 Insert Cards. PLUS a possible 1951 Topps Magic Buy Back!

All Houston Oiler Cards go to the Tennessee Titans

All Cards of retired Players or free agents, go to the team the player played for the longest, all current Players go to their current teams.

All Duals, Triples, etc will be randomized, Priority = Owned team over, random team.

Buyback card will go to the team the player plays for oilers = titans, etc

41.00 Per slot, 22.00 for any additional Random slot (Includes shipping, fees, and supplies, you receive all base, Inserts, and Hits)

All boxes to be busted live on blogtv, recorded and posted for youtube.

1. Srslychris Colts/Browns
2. Jayskilove Cowboys/Rams
3. MWS Broncos/Cardinals

4. Prophecy Guy Dolphins/Lions/Redskins
5. NFLSam79 49ERS/Texans/Panthers/Chiefs
6. Srslychris Steelers/Bills

7. Deantap Eagles/Bucs
8. Prophecy guy Raiders/Chargers
9. Srslychris Titans/Bears/Saints
10. NFLSam79 Vikings/Bengals/Giants
11. Rhody_Red_Pats Patriots/Ravens

12. DeanTap Jets/Jaguars
13. DeanTap Seahawks/Falcons/Packers

DC #'S For Packages to be shipped

MWS 0309 0330 0002 3036 8181
R.R.P 0309 0330 0002 3036 8211
Deantap 0309 0330 0002 3036 8198
ProphecyGuy 0309 0330 0002 3036 8228
NFLsam79 0309 0330 0002 3036 8174
Jayskilove 0309 0330 0002 3036 8204

*Note DC Numbers will not be processed until the Package ships.
Broncos please
Prophecy Guy
Prophecy Guy Nation is in for the Miami Dolphins!

Prophecy Guy
hey chris change me from the elite break to this and give me the niners if thats cool thanx
nvm dont take me out of the elite break ill just be in both thanx
Sounds great, this looks way better than elite, I encourage you to take two spots ;] haha.. jk.

got everyone down, thanks!
hey chris i think ill go ahead and drop out of the elite i like this much better also is montana in this set?
QUOTE(nflsam79 @ May 14 2009, 07:42 PM)
hey chris i think ill go ahead and drop out of the elite i like this much better also is montana in this set?

Im assuming so, I have seen many big names, I dont see why montana wouldn't be another... Ill do some heavy research for you Buddy.
so me dropping out of the elite is cool?
QUOTE(nflsam79 @ May 14 2009, 07:45 PM)
so me dropping out of the elite is cool?

No problem at all.. Im soley focused on this and my club.
sweet please lmk if u find out anything on montana
I can't seem to find anything about montana being in this product or not..

Also group discussion. players are in there college uniforms so the legends autos can be done three ways, you guys let me know.

Randomized between all the former teams

given to the team he played for last

given to the team he played for the longest.
i would say the team played for longest
I now approve purchases of additional randoms for 22.00.

Cards will go to the team the player Played Longest for.

I will be adding some sort of insurance for the person with the least hits.
ill keep an updated list as I get the autographed List, I just added tom brady to the mix.. Tony dorsett being another.
got it thanks.

this and SP Authentic.. wow I feel Mojo coming!
7/16.. this will be out right around my birthday, cool!
Prophecy Guy
Prophecy Guy Nation will take an additional team - a team that to their knowledge they have NEVER intentionally selected:

The Oakland Raiders!

Prophecy Guy
got it thanks!
up for sunday afternoon
7 spots left, also members feel free to purchase additional randoms.
come on! :}
cmon guys get in on this!!! this product is gonna be sweet!!! and u cant beat the host or the price biggrin.gif
All Cards go the team the player Played for the Longest. 9/16 Gonna get on youtube for more interest later tonight.
Notable Base Autographs

Demeco Ryans
Roddy White
Felix Jones
Darren Mcfadden
Jason Campbell
Bo Jackson
Carnell Williams
Nate Davis
Mathias Kiwanuka
Matt Ryan
Desean Jackson
Marshawn Lynch
Brandon Marshall
Asante Samuel
Kevin Smith
Joe Flacco
Tony Romo
Joseph Addai
Dwayne Bowe
Kevin Faulk
Randy Moss
Chad Pennington
Darrius Heyward-Bey
Fred Taylor
Lawrence Timmons
Matthew Stafford
Knowshon Moreno
Colt Brennan
Marques Colston
Donnie Avery
Rashard Mendenhall
Jay cuter.
James Hardy
Shonn Greene
Josh Freeman
Jordy Nelson
Antonio Gates
Jake Delhomme
Terry Bradshaw
Laurence Maroney
Eli Manning
Chase Daniel
Jeremy Maclin
Shawne Merriman
Deangelo Williams
Frank Gore
Ray Lewis
Devin Hester
Willis Mcgahee
Kellin Winslow JR
Reggie Wayne
Tom Brady
Braylon Edwards
Ty Law
Javon Ringer
Willie Parker
Hakeem Nicks
Phillip Rivers
Mario Williams
Brady Quinn
Chris Wells
Joey Galloway
Vernon Gholston
Ted Ginn Jr
Juaquin Iglesias
Adrian Peterson
Steve Slaton
Jonathon Stewart
Stephen Jackson
Chad Johnson
Pat White
Tony Dorsett
Dan Marino
Drew Brees
Lesean Mccoy
Larry Johnson
Lawyer Milloy
Kenny Britt
Ray Rice
Eric Dickerson
Brandon Jacobs
Trent Edwards
John Elway
Dwight Freeney
Marvin Harrison
Ladanian Tomlinson
Peyton Manning
Jerod Mayo
Earl Campbell
Roy Williams
Vince young
Eddie Royal
Gram Harrell
Michael Crabtree
Zach Thomas
Wes Welker
Matt Forte
Mark Sanchez
Deangelo Hall
Reggie Bush

Alumni Dual Autos
Reggie Wayne / Kellen Winslow

Earl Campbell / Vince Young

Michael Crabtree Graham Harrel

Steve Slaton / Pat White

Desean Jackson / Marshawn Lynch

Ernie Sims / Derrick Brooks

Matt Stafford / Knowshon moreno

Frank Gore / Willis Mcgahee

Chad Pennington / Randy Moss

Joseph Addai / Dewayne Bowe

Stephen Jackson / Chad Johnson

Braylon Edwards / Tom Brady

Jeremy Maclin / Chase Coffman

Dan Marino / Tony Dorsett

Percy Harvin / Louis Murphy

Alumni Triple Autographs

Chase Coffman / Chase Daniel / Jeremy Maclin

Ted Ginn / Anthony Gonzalez / Troy Smith

Reggie Bush / Lendale White / Mark Sanchez

Michael Bush / Brian Brohm, Amobi Okoye

Darren Mcfadden / Felix Jones / Tarvaris Jackson

Ty Law / Tom Brady / Braylon Edwards

Duece Mccallister / Eli Manning / Patrick Willis

Knowshon Moreno / Matt Stafford / Mohammed Massaquoi

Tony Dorsett / Dan Marino / Lesean Mccoy.

Reggie Wayne / Ray Lewis / Kellen Winslow Jr

Magic Autographs

Terry Bradshaw

Jim Brown

John Elway

Earl Campbell

Erick Dickerson

Bo Jackson

Dan Marino

Tony Dorsett

Adrian Peterson

Michael Crabtree
check out the new and updated
less than a month til the release..
In a last ditch effort to fill the Magic Break, I have returned to the Original Idea, of 8 boxes for 41.00 a slot, everyone in here was fine before, I just figured a case would fill!, well I guess I was wrong, I wasn't thinking of the economy being so bad and I do know 60.00 is quite a bit. so the original plan it is, I apologize for changing it up again, I just don't want to risk not filling the break, I want to bust this product for all of you, so we're gonna go back to 41.00 for a slot... 22.00 Per Additional Random, please let me know you're okay with this, Also another reason for the change, the price went up on me a slight bit, and I was eating 100 or more dollars!!!

also.. 41.00 plus 22 is 63.00 so an additional team wouldn't hurt ;0 we should definatly get this filled now..
guys get in this u wont find a better host and chris always pulls sweet stuff so why go with the rest when u can go with the best!!!
41.00 for a spot, 22.00 for a random, come on fellas this wont break you.
I'll take the patriots
Patriots it is, thanks for joining.
today and today only Random slot for 20.00
PLZ add the BEARS as my second team-THX
Ill put you down for the bears, thanks man! 4 Spots Left!
i took one additional random 3.5 spots remaining.
Topps Has moved the release date up to the 8th of June, lets fill it up!
deantap has chosen to take 5 additional randoms in place of the chicago bears.
Prophecy Guy
If someone else steps up to the plate and takes another random team, I'll take one as well! Best I can do unless SOMEONE BUYS MY ZUNE tongue.gif lol

Prophecy Guy
ill take 1 random team for 20 wanna split prophecy lol
Prophecy Guy
Sweet! Between the two of us, that counts as 1 more spot. So that leaves just one full spot open?

Just about full!~

Prophecy Guy

QUOTE(nflsam79 @ May 26 2009, 06:09 PM)
ill take 1 random team for 20 wanna split prophecy lol

Prophecyguy took 1 random, along with Nflsam79 to complete 1 spot, we now have 1 spot Open!
double post, whoops!
Payment details were sent out, thanks again for all of you who have Joined, 1 spot remaining.
hey chris payment for the random spot i split with prophecy guy sent today dc# is 03080660000005943451
thanks bud, got ya marked as paid.
guys since chris is such a good friend and i wanna get this filled ill take another random spot for 20 if somebody else will take 1 and get this thing filled lmk
hey guys i want this filled badly so im gonna take another random spot for 20 bucks so somebody take another random please and this bad boy will be filled!!! only a random spot left its only 20 bucks and it gives u a better shot at the lions or jets!!!
PM details were sent on the payment, do not forget to get the payments in before June 1st so we can Lock in this great low price!
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