WANTED STAR TREK TOS autograph cards

From any TOS series, starting with Skybox. I am willing to trade AUTOGRAPH sets, including multiples. This means if you have more than one of Ricard Montalban or Joan Collins, or any other character I will take it. If you have 12 Bobby Clarks, I'm all over it.

I have to trade: original signed posters from various movies. I own a lot of screen seen props from sci fi and horror movies as well as other genres. They are really high end props though, not background junk. Ever want to own Harry Potter's wand from the first film, complete with Warner documentation? Or Arnold Schwarzenegger's Gargoyle glasses with a letter of authenticity from deceased f/x mogul Stan Winston? My prize possession is a screen used lightsaber from Star Wars. I also get signatures in person of actors for movies, on movie posters. I'll gather 10-sometimes 30 names on a poster just to frame it and hang it. High end props actually used in films.

I would be willing to trade these really high end movie props or cast signed posters or photos from just about any movie for autograph cards. Perhaps you have an empty space on your wall that you'd like to have an iconic movie prop displayed to show off friends or family. Trust me, they are quickly impressed when they see something like that because trading cards sit in a box or in a folder.

So if you are ever bitten by the screen used movie props bug, or signed movie posters, or photos lmk. I have an enormous list of props and signed posters I can send you.

A partial list of my screen used props is here.


and autographs at



My reputation is this. If you want to meet face to face, to see the stuff I am all for it. I want anyone to be comfortable to trade with me. I will provide my phone number, address or whatever, so any trades will go smooth. This is not a scam, I am just looking to have fun doing some trades. Well after all they are called trading cards, right?

So if you think I have something you want, and you think I want what you have, please contact me so we can possibly make a deal!